Crimson Crucible

Genre:People group
Subject:North Korea
Publisher:Back To Jerusalem
Location:Baton Rouge
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In a time when the Bible was a contraband and foreigners completely unwelcomed within Korea's borders, Robert Thomas, a fearless missionary from Whales, entered Korea to distribute and sell Bibles, greatly risking his life - until he eventually paid the supreme price.
Kim II Sung turned away from the faith of his fathers and led a great purge of Christians in his country. In every conceivable manner, he opposed the gospel and instilled fear in the people.
In an apparent quest to exterminate Christianity, the North Korean government, led by Kim II Sung descended heavily on the Church in that country. Massive arrests of Christian leaders were made, gulags were created and raids were carried out on any place affiliated to Christianity.
A fellow prisoner was full of hate for Christians, and made it her duty to report Mrs. Pak whenever she prayed or fasted. Despite the several punishments she suffered because of this, Mrs. Pak only had love in her heart for this woman - and that love eventually achieved the impossible; out of a fierce enemy, it made a fellow believer.
Mr. Lee had just been released from prison, but had to sneak into China from North Korea in desperate bid to save his family from starvation. Once in China, he was surrounded by the loving care of the Christian brethren there, who, led by Mrs. Pak, made sure to take care of not just his temporal, but also his spiritual needs.