Under Their Very Eyes the astonishing life of Tom Hamblin

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After a decade of missionary work in Singapore, the Lord reveals to Tom and Edna Hamblin, through identical prophesies and the scriptures, what He will have them do next.
Tom and Edna Hamblin, a Christian couple, pray for an unbelieving woman and she is healed. That marked a turning point in her family; she eventually raised all of her children as Christians.
Tom Hamblin is convicted of his unforgiveness, there and then he forgives. As a result, he experienced an instant special anointing in his preaching and teaching.
At a meeting with native believers in Borneo, Tom Hamblin and his companions witnessed the amazing expression of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, when a nursing mother, who had never been to school all her life, prophesied in perfect English. The following year, the prophecy she received from the Lord that night; came to pass.
It was Tom's practice to sow the seed of God's word in strangers by randomly handing them Bibles. And having shiped his grain across the sea, a great return came when one day, he was met a grateful stranger at a restaurant in the U.A.E., who had become a Christian by reading the Bible Tom handed him at a petrol station in Oman.
A believer visits his unbelieving cancer ridden friend at the hospital to pray for him and was met with fierce resistance by his friend. But as he made to leave, an Arabian in the same ward who also had cancer, having over heard their conversation called out to the believer to pray for him and he did. On the believer's next visit to the hospital, both men were gone but only one survived and left him an amazing note.
When Tom Hamlin's evangelism at an Arabian village was cut short because he got stung by a scorpion and needed to get urgent medical care, a young boy who was his interpreter in that village, insisted on carrying on with the work to other villages who were in need of the gospel. And all alone, the 13 year old set out to do the Master's bidding.
The government of Sudan is openly suppressing Christians and any attempt at promoting christianity is met with unyielding opposition. Bibles are getting confiscated and christians are pressured to convert to Islam or leave.
When a team of 8 Christians in the city of Malakal set up meetings and book exhibitions, they were attack by a group of radicalized Moslems who accused them of insulting Islam. They were arrested and upon their release, still went on to hold the meetings with many people coming to Christ.
For refusing to deny Jesus Christ, Vincent was flogged and imprisoned in the worst of places where he had to endure a very squalid living condition. But none of these was enough to break his resolve, instead he cheerfully accepted his fate and determined to continue preaching the gospel; even in prison.
Ali, who was a popular Somali Muslim, was confronted with the truth of the gospel by David, who also gave him the Injil to study. Soon after he started to read the rather 'disturbing' Injil, Jesus appeared to him in dream; an experience that led Ali to put all his faith in Jesus.
After his conversion to Christianity from Islam, David dedicated his life to the Lord; establishing evangelistic ministries among the Somalis in Yemen and Ethiopia. At a great personal risk David soldiered on with the Master's work, until his betrayal by his own sister, who gave him up to be heinously martyred.
Ahmed was a devout Muslim and lecturer, when in 1989 at Mecca, the Lord appeared to him in a vision and said to him "Where you are there is no life.’ This led Achmed on a search for truth and he found Jesus - and stuck with Him; even while he was threatened with the consequence of apostasy.
A woman who was possessed with evil spirits was prayed for by a man who spoke in an unknown language. Her deliverance was complete and she went on to become an evangelist sharing the testimony of her deliverance.
A man who had unclean spirit is discerned, he is prayed for and delivered. Thereafter he is filled with the Holy Spirit.