The Book of Missionary Heroes

Scripture Testimony Index stories in this book

Raymond Lull risks getting killed and yet proclaims the gospel with such an authority as Jesus did to a group of Islamic scholars. The result was that some of the Moslems dared death by forsaking Islam for the gospel he proclaimed!
Raymond Lull, like Deacon Stephen, dared death, and proclaimed boldly; the love of God shown in Jesus Christ to the people at the market-place of Bugia. Not even the scary reality of cruel death was enough to deter him.
Khama's jettisoning of heathenism for Christianity did not go down well with his father Sekhome - a witch-doctor. One night, after several failed attempts at getting him do his bidding, Sekhome gathered a band of fiery black wizards to make incantations and lay curses on Khama, but valiantly, Khama dispersed their gathering, causing the workers of evil to flee into the darkness of the night.
Abdallah dared death and publicly declared his becoming a Christian after reading a portion of the new testament he borrowed from an Armenian. He was captured and given another opportunity to save his life by renouncing Jesus. But Abdallah refused the offer, choosing instead to die for his faith in Christ Jesus.
Sabat was such a zealous Muslim that he handed over his close friend Abdallah to be put to death for becoming a Christian. But after witnessing his friend‘s courageous death, Sabat wandered far and wide hoping to find respite for his agonizing soul. But only by following in his martyred friend‘s example, after reading the New Testament for himself, did he find rest and true purpose.