Ebenezers, or Records of Prevailing Prayer

Publisher:Haughton & Co.
Library:Open Library

Scripture Testimony Index stories in this book

Amidst thick clouds and what seemed like an impending storm, William Christie was called to close a meeting as everyone made frantic efforts to prepare for the coming rain. But in his prayer, the brother asked if it pleased God to "close the bottles of heaven" and his prayer did not go unanswered for the miraculous happened while he was still praying.
An old man with a hearing impairment was on his way to a conference in a strange city and had no good shoes to wear or a place to stay while the conference lasted. But without anxiety, he confidently made his needs known to his Father who in turn supplied every single need.
A businessman and his starving family were provided with a miracle breakfast having gone to bed hungry the previous night. His Christian wife prayed and God answered her.
Captain Boyle, who was once a privateer (a legally sanctioned pirate in time of war), recounts the deliverance of a British ship he was attacking with superior firepower. The deliverance of the weaker British ship seemed no less than supernatural to him, and this became instrumental in the captain's own salvation.
A city missionary and a poor minister both had their faith strengthened when the former was used of God to deliver timely help to the latter in answer to a specific prayer.
A woman was led to pray for a friend who was in another country climbing an icy mountain. He was narrowly rescued from a perilous fall at the very time she was led to pray.
A mother whose cupboard was bare knelt and prayed for her ”daily bread.” Meanwhile a young man in the city, a stranger to her, was impressed by God‘s gentle voice to go to a specific cottage with five loaves of bread.
When a drought ravaged parts of England, some farmers agreed with their pastor to pray to God for rain. On the chosen day, a young girl full of faith, arrived with her umbrella in anticipation of the rain that was to come, and she was not disappointed.
On her way home from a Christian meeting one night, a lady was accosted by two gun-wielding ruffians who intended to rob her. Though she was alone, she had One who she could still call upon. At the mention of His name her assailants fled.
No matter how hard she tried, a Christian woman could not do away with thoughts of a particular poor couple when she woke up one day. She went to see them and on arriving at their home found that she was their deliverer, God's own answer to their desperate prayers.
Quaker minister Thomas Chalkley tells an exciting story of his long sea voyage in 1707 through the West Indies and on to England in which he was set upon by pirates several times. But being a pacifist, he would not fight, nor would he be accessory to the death of a person. His weapon was prayer and faith in God, who proved to be the Deliverer in each instance.
A missionary in Jamaica was stricken with Yellow Fever and given up for lost. But the slaves to which he had lovingly preached the Good News of Jesus, reciprocated that love with hours of united prayer on their beloved missionary's behalf. God answered their prayer!