Lord Radstock, an Interpretation and a Record

Genre:Missionary biography
Subject:Lord Radstock
Publisher:Hodder and Stoughton
Library:Open Library

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Lord Radstock was told to get another horse as his favorite horse which fell ill was beyond saving. Instead of doing so, he prayed that the youthfulness of his charger be renewed and the Almighty heard and granted his wish.
Two women, one suffering from suicidal mania, and the other from rheumatism, were both perfectly healed when the Lord Radstock offered prayers to God on their behalf.
A woman who had been bedridden for eight years was anointed and prayed for by Lord Radstock, and a week later she finds herself walking again for she was completely healed.
The Lord Radstock had a knack for obeying the voice of God however difficult or inconveniencing the instruction and through his obedience, timely succor was brought to a man in need.
Two remarkable stories recorded in Lord Radstock's prayer book reveal God's commitment to not only providing timely guidance to His children but also His commitment to answering their prayers.
In answer to the prayers of a group of young officers, their chaplain, at his weakest, was imbued with the power to proclaim the word of God so much so that a general was won over to the Kingdom of God.
A young officer's freedom came when the light of the gospel dawned on him and he realized that it was true even for him, his sinful past notwithstanding that, "Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out."
Lord Radstock's sister, Elzabeth Waldegrave, shared the Good News with a few sailors at a funeral. They begged her to have a meeting and tell them more, resulting in waves of revival amongst sailors for more than twenty years.