A Present Help

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Marie Monsen had been filled with fear of the possibility of another wave of persecution and killings like the 1900 Boxer Rebellion. Her fear was so great that she prayed to be sent back home from China. But everything changed after a strange dream she had—a dream God used to banish fear from her mind.
The noise from the pirates who had captured a ship Marie Monsen was on had prevented her from sleeping for five days until she went to the Lord asking to be allowed to sleep. Before long, there was an unusual silence on the ship, and Marie fell asleep to the glory of God.
Aboard a ship with pirates, Marie was able to do without eating the meals of stolen food prepared by her captors, for she had another supply. Prior to boarding the ship, she heard the “still small voice” urging her to stock up and save food for “an emergency.”
Just like Elijah was miraculously fed by ravens, so was Marie Monsen fed throughout her captivity in the hands of pirates by a fellow passenger who knocked on her cabin door on the next day after her initial supply of food got exhausted.
The ship Marie Monsen was aboard had been taken over by bandits and six days into their captivity, she writes a beautiful letter; stating the joy and peace God had given her even as the ordeal progressed and of her certainty that all things will work out for good.