Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret

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Mr. Ni was a Buddhist leader, and president of an idolatrous society; committed to the service of pagan gods. One day he was passing through a town when he stumbled into a Christian meeting. Even though he heard only the conclusion of the meeting, he encountered the Truth. On the spot he surrendered his life and became a passionate follower of Jesus.
Missionaries running a hospital in China decided to pray and trust the Lord for provision to run the hospital. The Lord provided in the most remarkable way; he impressed upon a man thousands of miles away to send funds and promised to send more if needed. The missionaries praised the Lord, and the residents, mostly heathens, marveled at the Lord's intervention.
In a letter to a dear sister, Hudson Taylor shares about the great joy and rest that discovering and living the exchanged life (dying and rising with Christ) brings him.
As Hudson Taylor increasingly became frustrated by his inability to live like Christ despite his deep yearnings to do so, a wonderful letter from his friend McCarthy, who had gone through the same struggle, was all Hudson needed to bring light upon the darkness and agony that covered his heart.