De Shazer, The Doolittle Raider Who Turned Missionary

Genre:Missionary biography
Subject:Jacob DeShazer
Publisher:Light and Life Press
Location:Winona Lake
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"Love your enemies" was the way DeShazer wanted to live his life in prison. That led him to try to be friends with prison guards who had maltreated him and to pray for them. It paid off, he became friends with them and testified that God's way was the best way.
De Shazer had a bad attitude before his conversion. After his conversion, he changed so visibly that both his fellow inmates and prison guards noticed it.
Jacob DeShazer is reminded by the Holy Spirit of his promise to obey Jesus' teachings when he is mistreated by a guard.
Jacob DeShazer was saved through reading the Bible in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. His faith grew quickly and he learned to hear God's voice.