Answers To Prayer Compiled From George Müller’s Narratives

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George Müller learns the invaluable lesson to trust not in man but in the Lord only, when a promise for financial support he was banking on failed to come through weeks after it was promised him. Realizing his error, Mr. Müller and his wife prayed for grace to trust God alone—and that same day while they were yet praying—the storehouse of heaven was opened for them.
George Muller and a woman pray for the salvation of her husband, who was described as "one of the very greatest of sinners." Eventually, he gave his life to Christ.
God answered the prayers of George Muller for his orphans. Large groups of them were converted several times, showing signs of true conversion such as concern for the soul of others and a hunger for prayer.
A measles outbreak at the Orphan Houses of George Muller strained the rooms available. The orphanage team prayed that many children will not be ill at one time and that none of them should die. God answered their prayers in full, although 262 children fell ill, none of them died.
George Müller advises a struggling Christian businessman to apply the Kingdom principles of daily prayer, faith, sacrificial giving and also to eschew all forms of trickery in his business. After putting these principles into practice, the struggling brother witnessed a significant improvement in his business.
Not long after James McQuilkin's conversion, he saw and read George Müller's Narrative and was inspired to trust God to answer his prayers like Mr. Muller. And with every answered prayer, McQuilkin was encouraged to trust God for more - and he did - and received even more wondrous answers to his prayers.
Knowing that God's will is perfect and in the believer's best interest, helped keep George Müller's heart in perfect peace when his only daughter fell sick and death was the one thing that seemed so certain.
George Müller trusted God for his own daily needs and for the daily needs of a giant orphan institution, almost 200 missionaries, schools, students, evangelistic work, and more. But no matter how large the daily needs were, God always provided for them. God would allow the funds to be completely depleted so that His daily provision would be clearly seen.