The Cross and the Switchblade

Genre:Missionary biography
Subject:David Wilkerson
Publisher:Jove Books
Location:New York
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Only by yielding fully to Jesus and allowing the Holy Spirit have His way, did David Wilkerson get the breakthrough he so dearly desired when he preached God's command to love, to a hate charged room; full of members from rival gangs.
Elaine hated herself for her addiction to alcohol and wild parties. But through attending the Gang Church she learned that “Christ’s love is a love with no strings attached.” She then found redemption in that love.
When food ran out at David Wilkerson's Teen Center, he challenged them to pray. Together they asked for their “daily bread.” A young boy interjected a prayer for God to provide food for the whole summer while He was at it. Even before they finished praying, God provided food through a stranger, and they did not lack any food all that summer.
When Roberto who was an ex-convict and drug addict heard Nicky preach about the Holy Spirit and the power He gives, he rushed forward to receive Him into his life when the invitation was made. And the result for Roberto was not only speaking in tongues, but also, deliverance from drug addiction.
Tired of trying in vain to break his addiction to marijuana, Ralph resolved to take his own life. But as he stood atop a building, about to end his life, the sound of singing from a nearby church interrupts him - and eventually, he steps down from his perch and walks into the church where his life changes forever.
Neda was only 12 years old and lost. She was trapped in addiction to alcohol and promiscuity; she hated her family. But as Neda listened to other kids with problems worse than hers, and how Jesus was transforming their lives, she wanted the same thing for herself. And one day, when she finally opened her heart to God in prayer, He met her powerfully.