George Muller Delighted in God

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Driven by empathy for a neighbor's complaint over noise from the orphanage and his own concern over the kids and staff comfort at the home on Wilson Street, George Müller embarks on a most audacious venture of faith: to build a brand new purpose-built home for the orphans.
George Muller's prays for God to provide the funds to enlarge his work, God answers.
A woman who has been taught the principle of prayer by George Muller, prays to God and he answers.
God provides bread and milk for George Muller and the children in the orphanage in a miraculous way.
"Let us go down into the chart-room and pray", was George Müller's reply when their ship ran into a dense fog and Captain Dutton told him it will be impossible to make it to Quebec at the time he hoped to. After the prayer, Captain Dutton opened the door, and discovered that the fog had lifted; it was totally gone.
After years of delay, George Müller's persistent and expectant prayers for the salvation of five individuals starts to get answered. Two of the five who had yet to come to Christ when he died, eventually did - making the answers to his prayers complete.