Lords of the Earth

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Tens of thousands of the Dani tribe came to Christ in a short period of time, something the missionaries were totally unprepared for.
From Ninia to Liligan and then to Balinga, Stan, accompanied by a group of fellow Christians was courageously teaching and encouraging the people in these idol-worshipping communities to renounce their fetishes and be free in Christ and they were responding!
To show his people they were not suddenly in danger for destroying their fetishes, Dongla, a Yali believer, strongly buoyed by his faith in God's protective abilities; made bold to eat the forbidden food from the sacred gardens of the Yalis. And God did protect him, for he ate and did not die!
Stan and his companions, alongside 4 people from Balinga were concluding a fetish destruction ceremony when armed warriors from Yabi came to stop them, instead of retreating, this bold army of believers—armed with nothing but faith—decided to face the Yabi men with the truth of the gospel and though many arrows were shot at them, they were not harmed but marched on courageously to Yabi where they held another fetish destruction ceremony. God delivered them and they were encouraged by his protection!
Yekwara and Bengwok were in Ilia preaching the gospel when a group of savages from neighbouring villages came to attack them. While attempting to escape, Bengwok was hit by an arrow and eventually overtaken by the assailants—among who was Bengwok's maternal uncle—they wasted no time in murdering the poor preacher. And there he fell, a soldier and martyr for his Lord!
Stan Dale had been shot with about five arrows and death was the only thing that seemed imminent. But as he prayed and cried to God for help in his anguish, he heard the Lord whisper into his Spirit; that he will not die but live. Encouraged by these words Stan, with the help of fellow Christians managed to get to safety and eventually survived, just like the Lord had told him.
When Costas saw a house burning from afar, he believed someone's house was sadly burning but the truth was more exciting than that—for the people among whom he and others had been labouring for years—were suddenly bringing down their idols and shrines—Jesus was now all they wanted. And in their thousands, they came, to be instructed in His ways!
In attempt to make the gospel plain to Kusaho, Don Richardson and John Wilson used the Yali “place of refuge” concept as an analogy pointing to Christ as man’s perfect Refuge. And it worked, for not only did Kusaho and his companion comprehend the message better but promised to used same to evangelize to fellow Yali tribesmen.