The Insanity of God

Genre:People group
Subject:Persecuted Believers
Publisher:B&H Publishing Group
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Nik Ripken and his co-labourers make a bold and conscious decision to be "salt and light" in Somalia; a region where abnormalities had become normal. And for over six years, they did that!
Dmitri, a prisoner in Russia, had a daily morning habit of singing a song to Jesus and writing down Scripture and songs. He was punished each day for this by the prison guards. Finally they intended to execute him for his disobedience, but the entire prison sang Dmitri's song, striking fear into the guards such that they gave up their plan.
While in prison, Kostyantyn, a Ukrainian Christian incarcerated for his faith, witnessed the great suffering and eventual death many Church leaders in his country suffered for refusing to deny Jesus. Their courage even while suffering, gave him strength to gallantly carry his own cross.
Stoyan's mother is caught by a jailer when she tried to smuggle a Bible to her husband at the torture facility he was being held. For this, she was threatened by the prison commander who boasted of the applause killing her entire family will bring him. But confidently, Stoyan's mum replied him, ". . . nothing you can do will separate us from the love that is in Jesus Christ!”
While Stoyan's father was imprisoned, the government exiled his wife and four children to an unknown place. On the train to exile, a stranger walks up to them; his Church was praying the previous night when the Holy Spirit specifically directed them to be on that train that day; with an offering for them.
An imprisoned pastor is tied to the stake and made an offer to deny Christ and be set free, or face execution. He turned down the offer, but instead of getting executed; that same day, ten years since his incarceration; he gets released. He got home and found his family and other believers, praying for him at the alter in church.
A few months after his release from prison, a Pastor is called upon to pray for a blind and diabetic man, on getting there, he is shocked to discover that the sick man was one of his fiercest tormentors in prison. “Oh, Lord! Do not let me fail you now!” - he prayed, and God heard him; for he found the grace to forgive his persecutor.
A Muslim fighter, who had killed countless men both personally and in battle, began to have dreams that his hands were covered in blood. No matter what he did, he could not wash the blood off. But one night the dream changed. Jesus appeared and told the fighter that only He could wash the blood off.
When a Muslim-Militia soldier who found Christ and forsook Islam was caught by the killer squad he used to lead; death by beating was all they planned for him. But as they began to beat him, he was able to escape in the most unlikely, yet amazing way.