Incidents in the Life of Edward Wright

Genre:Evangelist biography
Subject:Edward Wright
Publisher:McKinney and Martin
Library:Brethren Archive

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Urged on by bad friends, Ned failed to keep his resolutions and continued to live a life of sin and reckless abandon; robbing people, including the dead!
When Ned casually accepted an invitation to a gospel meeting, little did he know that that meeting will mark a new beginning for him and a radical departure from the life he had led up until that moment.
In a vision, Ned is brought before the judgement seat of God where he's found guilty of sin. So vivid was this vision that Ned surrendered to the Lord afterwards!
The very night Ned became a new man in Christ Jesus, his heart of stone towards his children was replaced with a tender heart; full of love and compassion for his children. No longer would he be a reckless father, he vowed instead to act the part of a Christian parent forthwith.
On the night Ned and his wife became Christians, they received a very timely visitor in a Christian man who did his best encourage, direct and strengthen them in their newfound faith.
Ned had not food to feed his family and having resisted the devil even in his desperation, he turned to God for help. And within an hour after his prayers, God answered him!
Smoking was one demon Edward Wright struggled to defeat, even after his conversion. One night as he sat in his garden to indulge in this habit of his, his apprehensive wife went to God in prayer on his behalf and that night her prayers were answered: Ned never smoked again!
Ned found "grace to help in time of need" when he was enabled by God, to resist the devil's offer to make dishonest gain at a vulnerable period in his life. He overcame, and not only that, he was blessed to receive the exact sum he had refused to receive via dishonest means.
Ned was regarded as the last person in the world to turn from his drinking habits. Yet, having found the Lord Jesus, this same Ned was now preaching to his old companions. He was now truly a new man for old things—like his drinking habit—were gone for good!
Ned hesitated when he was asked to go apologize to a pierman who first offended him before he retaliated. But when he finally yielded, the result of his obedience; for him and for George who offended him was most amazing!
Ned's faith in the power of prayer was greatly strengthened when in answer to his prayer, his heavily laden boat was able to safely pass—without any human assistance—a bridge he dreaded so well.
Though he lived for only a short while, young Teddy lived a purposeful life and even as death drew near, he had no fear. He was certain that heaven was to be his destination and he hardly could wait to get there!
Ned was determined to keep preaching even after he was stoned for doing so, and that same night the Holy Spirit worked through him to bring conviction to an active thief in the crowd he was addressing.
After she accepted the Lord Jesus and became a Christian, a woman became the object of her husband's persecution. Most brutally, he verbally abused her, and opposed her newfound faith.
When a petty trader, finds the Lord and becomes a new creation, the change in his life was visible for all to see; cheerfulness, hardwork and industry, and cleanliness were the virtues that marked his from then on.
A. A., spurred on by bad friends, had taken to theft in order to continue the gambling habit he picked up and was twice imprisoned. His best efforts at changing his ways fell short, but one day, while walking along a road, he heard a preacher declare, 'Sinner! God loves you!' And that statement was the beginning of his journey into the saving arms of Jesus.
In a brief but no less profound letter, a grateful man writes to Edward Wright, thanking him for kindly sharing with him the gospel of Jesus. The man blesses the Lord for the happy change the Gospel has brought to his previously miserable life.
Two boys in Folkestone had a quarrel and went on to fight with the defeated one vowing to exact revenge on the other. That same evening, they met at a townhall where Ned Wright was preaching and were both convicted of their sins. They apologized to each other and reconciled one to another.
As Ned Wright preached and prayed for an opium-smoker at a pub, the owner too alongside his wife become convicted of their sin and confess Jesus as Lord. The next day, the pub owner puts his pub out for sale saying, he could not serve two masters, and so he meant to quit the business altogether.
In a letter to Edward Wright, a brother tells the story of his conversion, starting with his bold decision to leave his unwilling friends to attend a service alone, to his deciding for Christ as the preacher spoke of God's love and to the joy he has had since making that decision.
Ned picked up a woman at a night refuge, took her home, and had his wife feed her. Together they provided her with shelter for weeks. During that time, Ned shared the gospel with the woman, and got her to see that Jesus died for all sinners and not just a select few. Eventually, she gave her life Jesus Christ!