Walking Miracle

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Art Sanborn was about rushing his toddler David, who had just tumbled headfirst down a steep stairway and became unconscious to the hospital, but David's brother protested, asking that they pray to Jesus instead. When 4 year old Sean prayed for his little brother, an astonishing miracle occured.
The pathetic condition of a young malnourished boy only worsened when his father dabbled into spiritism in a desperate bid to restore his health, as the boy lost his ability to speak; and remained mute for six weeks. But when Tuwee, a previously shy believer, laid hands on him and led other believers in prayers, this young boy miraculously regained his ability to speak.
When Art Sanborn and his team went evangelizing in Baan Lankum, they found a terribly emaciated boy, suffering from malnutrition, they not only prayed for this boy but took him to the hospital, had him treated and fed him until the doctors declared him healthy enough to return home. After a month, an excited boy; now full of life, was reunited with his grateful parents.
A heavily possessed man is delivered from the satanic possession, when Art Sanborn and a team member of his united and invoked the all powerful name of Jesus.
Unable to afford a computer set for their kids who were all in high school, Art and Ellen were in need of a miracle and took to praying to God for a computer for their children. The Lord revealed to their friends - the Nakatsukasa's, their need for a computer and used them to miraculously provide the needed funds.
The Sanborn's had their plane tickets stolen. They only had $300, and needed an additional $600 for new tickets. But God commanded them to give that $300 to another needy family. After a little hesitation and more prayers, they obeyed God. The very next day, a total stranger sent them the largest individual donation they had ever received.
When no one will listen to Rob and his team share the gospel at a train station in Kuala Lumpur, the team resorted to singing and praising God. A pretty astounding thing happened when they uniformly began to shout: "Jesus Reigns" - it suddenly commanded the attention of many to the Gospel they were proclaiming.