Leaving Buddha

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Tenzin acknowledged that it was the prayer of the doctor that healed him miraculously. He had spent many precious days in the hospital reading the Bible and hearing the doctor talk to him about Jesus. On his last day there, he gave his life to Christ, forsaking Buddhism.
Tenzin Lahkpa had decided to follow Jesus and abandon Buddha, and he tenaciously stuck to his newfound convictions even when faced with death.
Tenzin and his wife Mapu established a charity organization called the House of Hope where with the financial support from other Christians in China, they provide a place of refuge and an access to healthcare for sick Tibetans who are unable to properly access medicare in China. They not only provide shelter and temporal needs but also share with the people, the hope that is in Jesus Christ.
Having renounced Buddhism for Christianity, Tenzin Lahkpa's life was in serious danger as the angry Buddhists wanted his head. He had been beaten and captured and even his innocent mother had her house burnt because of him. But before they could come for him again, the Lord used his unbelieving brother—who was the same person that reported him for being a Christian—to help him escape death.
Tenzin Lahkpa had barely escaped from his village with his life due to being persecuted for his faith in Jesus. But now the village faced a terrible health crisis and Tenzin was able to help them in spite of the danger, because he was filled with the love of Jesus—even for his enemies.