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Bruce is comforted by the untimely singing of a bird during his captivity. Even his captors marveled at the event.
Lucio won the campus election on a radical platform with the intent of reforming things. He soon realized the limitations of earthly politics. It was during this time that Bruce Olson helped him understand only Jesus has the ultimate solution to humanity, he gave his life to Christ!
Bruce Olson had a terrible experience that made him acutely feel the rejection of the Yukos, which reminded him that he would have to follow only God. For only God had not rejected him.
God leads Bruchko to administer medicine to a group of sick children. There was not enough medicine for everyone, so he gave half doses and prayed, trusting God to heal them. This led the tribal chief to see that Bruce had good intentions towards his people.
God leads Bruchko to use some of the spiritual legends of the Motilone people to explain the significance of the coming, dying and resurrection of Christ, and how to walk with him in faith. Not long after, the first Motilone put his faith in Christ.
Bobby, the first Motilone to trust in Jesus, led his entire tribe to saving faith in one day.
Atabacdora fell off a tree and X-ray results confirmed he fractured his back and neck. Bruchko and Bobby dared to trust God for his healing; they anointed him with oil, laid hands and then prayed for him. When another X-ray was carried out three days later on him, the confounded doctor declared: "It’s quite amazing. There’s no sign of even a hairline fracture in his back now. It’s some kind of a miracle."
When a measles epidemic struck the Miltones and Bruce Olson ran out of drugs to stop the epidemic; he had no funds in the bank, yet he didn't flinch but believed that God will somehow provide the drugs needed. And Bruce was right, as God supplied miraculously, more than enough funds to get the drugs and control the spread of the disease.
The Holy Spirit enabled the Motilone evangelists to speak and understand the language of the Yuko tribe, their former enemies. As a result, the Yuko tribe embraced new life in Jesus.
Bruce Olson tried to tell a Yuko woman about Jesus. Later Jesus appeared to her in a vision with the result that she and nearly her whole village accepted Jesus.
Adjibacbayra's last moments on earth moved quickly from one full of pain and discomfort to one of smiles and a longing to leave this plane with his Saviour. With a smile he declared; "Not alone. I won’t walk it by myself. There’s a Friend who wants to take me. And He knows my name, my real name.”