Into The Glory

Subject:Jungle Aviation & Radio Service
Publisher:Risky Living Ministries
Location:Palm Bay
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God uses a plane crash tragedy to remind workers at the Wycliffe Bible Translators in Peru of the need for righteousness, humility, peace, love and patience. Through much repentance for self-reliance, they were filled anew with the Holy Spirit.
A meeting that included veteran translators turned into a "washing each other's feet", a direct replication of Jesus washing His disciples feet. This was an act of love, humility and service that surprised everyone in the meeting but also warmed their hearts.
An old illiterate Indian grandfather in the company of two others, visited Yarinacocha in Peru. Though unable to read or write, he powerfully brought God's word to the people leading to a mass cry for forgiveness of sins.
During a Christmas day meeting in Yarinacocha, as the preacher talked about the revival in the book of Acts happening again, the Holy Spirit honoured that meeting; falling powerfully upon the people and causing them to speak in unknown tongues.
When storm clouds and rain threatened to disperse a Gospel meeting, the preacher simply prayed: "clouds go away - in Jesus name". The instant disappearance of the clouds and the reappearance of the stars and moon, drew the attention of all present to listen to God's word.
A young man previously known for his shyness, was now before about a thousand people, giving a powerful sermon on the power of God. He had been empowered by the Holy Spirit.
Filled with the Holy Spirit, Cecilia and five other young people from her village travelled 30miles to an unevangelized village, where for 4 days, they went house to house preaching about Jesus Christ and the hostility of the people notwithstanding, they preserved still - and eventually led 40 souls to Christ.