Tales of Trust, Embracing Authentic Accounts of Providential Guidance, Assistance, and Deliverance

Publisher:Haughton & Co.
Library:Open Library

Scripture Testimony Index stories in this book

Unlike his traveling companions and much like the poor widow who gave her all, a Christian elder emptied his purse and gave all to a bigger who asked for his help. As they continued on the journey, his companions were astonished as they watched God meet his every need!
A widow's expectation that God will supply her daily needs was met in a way that left the poor woman full of marvel and gratitude.
A poor widow, despite her poverty, gave to the Lord, and was blessed to receive four-fold in return!
An armed robber had perfected plans to murder Samuel May and take away his belongings when Mr. May invited him to ride in his carriage. But by the time they arrived, not only had God delivered his servant from death, but a lasting friendship that will see this criminal turn to his Savior, was birthed.
When a minister of the gospel was on his death-bed, he had not a dime to leave his family, but what he did have, he gave to them: he committed them in prayers to the watchful eyes and caring heart of the Almighty. And after his death, this prayer was answered in a way only God could have answered!
Two days after his prayers to God for some money, a preacher is met by another Christian from a different part of town, who was impressed by the Lord, at the exact time the preacher prayed in his own house; to meet his need!
When she suddenly needed the very articles she thoughtfully gave a family of believers who had lost all their possessions in a fire incident, a lady was blessed to receive from others too, in her moment of need. For she had lent to the Lord who is ever faithful to repay His debts.
A woman challenges herself to obey the words of Jesus to give to the one who asks. The test of obedience comes immediately and then the Lord's supply for her own resulting want comes just in time.
A beggar's powerful prayer that "Father, forgive him, he knows not what he saith", in response to the ill-treatment dished out to him by a wealthy unbeliever, will strongly haunt the wealthy infidel until he at last came to Christian repentance.
The brethren at a convent met, with thanksgiving and a sharing in the sorrows and hunger of one another, to thank God for their situation. And that same day, true to His words, their food for that day was miraculously supplied.
A Christian wife was home praying for her husband and his brother who were both out in the cold on a stormy day. It was when her husband finally returned that she learned that her prayer was timely, even though her husband was distant!
Nathaniel Cobb had promised to give away all his income above a certain level, and as the Lord prospered his business, he kept his word and honoured his covenant to the letter!