Tramp For The Lord

Genre:Missionary biography
Subject:Corrie ten Boom
Publisher:Christian Literature Crusade
Publication year:1974
Location:Fort Washington
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Thomas chose to "do good to those who hate you," at great expense to himself, and won his neighbor to Christ.
Corrie ten Boom helps an African death row inmate find peace through the power of Jesus to forgive his enemies.
Corrie ten Boom is faced with the most difficult obedience of her life, to forgive the cruel concentration camp guard who tormented her and her sister. Jesus did a miracle in her.
Corrie ten Boom puts on the whole armor of God to stand against her ground against bitterness, fear, and resentment.
Corrie ten Boom helps a man overcome bitterness and unforgiveness by sharing her own, similar experience, and how Jesus delivered her.