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The Scripture Testimony Index is based on a growing library…

…of missionary biographies and other personal narratives, comprised of both physical books in our collection and digital books available in the public domain. In addition to public domain sources such as, Project Gutenberg, etc., we owe a debt of gratitude to several missions websites that helped us to discover great books.

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Kamil Abdul Messiah (1)
Charles W. Abel (1)
Sister Abigail (1)
John Adams (1)
David Adeney (1)
Mike Adkins (1)
Africa (7)
African Americans (1)
African Missions (4)
Africaner (1)
Esther Ahmad (1)
Ai Lien (Topsy) (1)
Kate Allenby (1)
Leon Almarez (1)
Robert and Agnes Anderson (1)
Leslie A. Anderson (1)
Brother Andrew (5)
Charles Freer Andrews (1)
Ted and Ruth Andrianoff (1)
A. S. Appasamy (1)
Dewan Bahadur Appaswami (0)
Frederick Stanley Arnot (5)
J. C. Aroolappen (1)
Fannie M. Arthur (1)
Francis Asbury (2)
Ashley Down Orphanage (1)
Saint Augustine (1)
Gladys Aylward (3)
David & Brenda Babcock (1)
Otis R. Bacheler (1)
Back to Jerusalem (0)
Dr. Frederick Baedeker (1)
Susan Ballard (1)
Baptist Missions (1)
Victor Arnold Barradale (1)
George Barrow (1)
Paul and Ina Bartel (1)
Rifqa Bary (1)
Rowland Bateman (1)
Nelson & Virginia Bell (1)
L. Nelson Bell (0)
Ethel Bell (1)
W. Holman Bentley (1)
Asia Bibi (1)
Rowland Bingham (2)
John Birch (1)
Mary Bird (1)
Blackdown Hills (1)
Caroline S. Blackwell (1)
Charles Blair (1)
George Dana Boardman (2)
Maud Elizabeth Boaz (1)
Bolivia (1)
Anthony and Evelyn Bollback (1)
William Carpenter Bompas (2)
Dietrich Bonhoeffer (2)
Corrie ten Boom (6)
Casper ten Boom (1)
Martin Boos (1)
Robert T. Booth (1)
General William Booth (2)
Catherine Booth (1)
Winifred Booth (1)
Frederick Booth Tucker (1)
Emma Booth Tucker (1)
William Borden (1)
Borneo (2)
Alfred Bosshardt (1)
Nellie Botham (1)
Thomas and Mark Botham (1)
Megan Boudreaux (1)
George Bowen (1)
John Bowes (0)
Gregory Boyle (2)
David Brainerd (1)
William Bramwell (2)
Paul Brand (2)
Evelyn Brand (1)
Billy Bray (2)
George and Lola Breaden (1)
George Brealy (2)
Samuel Logan Brengle (2)
Brethren Assemblies (1)
Brethren (1)
Brethren Missions (1)
Jerry Bridges (1)
Bessie Brierley (1)
Cyril H. Brooks (1)
Benjamin & Amelia Broomhall (1)
Andrew Brunson (1)
James Alexander Bryan (1)
Angus Buchan (1)
John Bul Dau (1)
Josephine Bulifant (1)
Geoffrey T. Bull (5)
John Bunyan (3)
Burma (3)
Martin and Gracia Burnham (1)
William C. Burns (1)
Earnest Burt (1)
David Bussau (1)
Mildred Cable (4)
Mildred Cable, Francesca French, Evangeline French (1)
John Samuel Callis (1)
Cambodia (1)
James Campbell (1)
William Carey, Joshua Marshman & William Ward (1)
William Carey (2)
Amy Carmichael (7)
Ben Carson (1)
William Carter (1)
William Carvosso (1)
Eugene Casalis (1)
W. W. Cassels (1)
Central Africa (1)
James Chalmers (2)
Jacob Chamberlain (2)
Oswald Chambers (1)
Esther Chang (1)
Robert Cleaver Chapman (2)
Mahesh Chavda (1)
Cheng (1)
China Inland Mission (9)
China (20)
Christianity (1)
Marie Christlieb (2)
Pastors Chang & Chu (1)
Robert Clark (1)
Titus Coan (3)
François Coillard (1)
Collection of testimonies (1)
Charles W. Colson (2)
Thomas J. Comber (1)
Lord Congleton (1)
Maryanne Connor (1)
Convict in Sing-Sing Prison (1)
Leila R. Cooke (1)
Daniel Corrie (1)
Charlie Coulson (1)
Kemper Crabb (1)
Mattie Crawford (1)
Tarleton Perry Crawford (1)
Dan Crawford (1)
Cressy (1)
Fanny Crosby (2)
Jonathan Cross (1)
Samuel Crowther (1)
Nicky Cruz (1)
Loren Cunningham (1)
Dayna Curry & Heather Mercer (1)
Bill and Gracie Cutts (1)
Jim Cymbala (1)


William Henry Temple Gairdner (2)
William Kendall Gale (1)
Frank Gamble (1)
Sy Garte (1)
General Missions (74)
General Revival (10)
Eliza Davis George (1)
Gideons (1)
Jeannie Gilchrist (1)
James Gilmour (2)
Chaplain Ray Giunta (1)
Frederick C. Glass (2)
Archibald Glover (1)
Rosalind Goforth (3)
Jonathan Goforth (5)
Martin Goldsmith (1)
Elizabeth Goldsmith (1)
Peter Asael Gonzales (1)
Avis Goodheart (1)
Adoniram Judson Gordon (2)
Charles George Gordon (1)
Emily Gosse (1)
Billy Graham (2)
Isabella Graham (1)
Robert Gray (1)
Great Eighteenth Century Revival (1)
Charlotte Green (1)
Keith Green (1)
Betty Greene (1)
Paul W. Greeves (1)
George Grenfell (1)
Wilfred Grenfell (3)
Robert Gribble (1)
William Grimshaw (1)
Denny and Jeanne Grindall (1)
James Albert Ukawsaw Gronniosaw (0)
Anthony Norris Groves (4)
Henry Groves (1)
Wilfrid Barbrooke Grubb (2)
Norman Grubb (1)
Lucy Evangeline Guinness (2)
H. Whitfield Guinness (1)
Mary Geraldine Guinness (1)
Luther Halsey Gulick (1)
Gypsies (1)
Thomas Haire (1)
William Hake (1)
Robert Haldane and James Alexander Haldane (1)
Haldane Revival (1)
Thomas Hale (4)
John Hambleton (1)
Tom Hamblin (1)
James Hannington (2)
Clifford Harris (1)
George K. Harris (1)
Howell Harris (1)
William Haslam (1)
Francis Ridley Havergal (1)
Bishop Heber (2)
Samuel Hebich (1)
Robert Henderson (1)
Josiah Henson (2)
Robert Hicks (1)
Frank Higgins (1)
Sokreaksa S. Himm (1)
Maria Anne Hirschmann (3)
Peter Hitchens (1)
Brian Hogan (1)
Pastor Hoh (1)
John Horden (1)
Shirley Horne (1)
D. E. Hoste (1)
Willis Ray Hotchkiss (1)
Rees Howells (2)
Pastor Hsi (3)
Trevor Huddleston (1)
Barbara Hulse (1)
John Hunt (1)
George Hunter (1)
Helen Huston (1)
John Hyde (1)
Imad-Ud-Din (1)
Indian Missions (5)
Indian Temple Children (5)
Indonesia (2)
Indonesian Revival (1)
Interserve (1)
Iran (3)
Iranian Missions (0)
H. A. Ironside (1)
William C. Irvine (2)
Doreen Irvine (1)
James B. Irwin (1)
Juji Ishii (1)
Christian O. Isichei (1)
Italy (1)


George MacDonald (1)
A. R. MacDuff (1)
Margaret Patterson Mack (1)
Solomon Mack (0)
George Leslie Mackay (1)
Alexander Mackay (3)
John Kenneth Mackenzie (1)
Annie Macpherson (1)
Costas Macris (1)
Madagascar (1)
Carlos Maglaya (1)
Rabi Maharaj (1)
Malaysia (1)
Daniel Mann (1)
John Marrant (1)
Joshua Marsden (1)
Samuel Marsden (1)
Charles R. Marsh (2)
Elsie Marshall (1)
Alexander Marshall (1)
Catherine Marshall (1)
Peter Marshall (1)
Henry Martyn (5)
Abdul Masih (0)
Herbert John Mason (1)
Percy Mather (1)
Duncan Matheson (1)
Thomas Trotter Matthews (1)
Divie Bethune McCartee (1)
Robert Murray McCheyne (1)
Floyd McClung (1)
William J. McClure (1)
Kate McCord (1)
James Benjamin McCullagh (1)
John McDougall (1)
John Knox McEwen (1)
Daniel McGilvary (2)
Norman and Amy McIntosh (1)
Dick McLellan (1)
Aimee Semple McPherson (1)
Medieval Missions (2)
Mexico (1)
John Meyer (1)
David Michell (1)
Oscar Michelsen (2)
Manny Mill (1)
W. R. S. Miller (1)
Carolyn Paine Miller (1)
Calvin Miller (1)
William McElwee Miller (0)
Samuel J. Mills (1)
Mimosa (1)
Fred Mitchell (1)
Ayako Miura (1)
Robert & Mary Moffat (4)
Marie Monsen (3)
D. L. Moody (5)
Campbell N. Moody (1)
Lottie Moon (2)
Shang Ik Moon (1)
Gond Moonshi (1)
Henry Moorhouse (2)
Robert Fletcher Moorshead (2)
Moravians (4)
Jim and Louise Morris (1)
Robert Morrison (5)
Handley Carr Glyn Moule (1)
Daniel Mtusu (1)
George Müller (15)
Charles Mulli (1)
Nonoy Murga (1)
Andrew Murray (1)
William J. Murray (1)
Muslim Background Believers (8)
Native Americans (1)
Frederick Ndabaramiye (1)
Watchman Nee (2)
Joseph Neesima (2)
Herbert and Jessie Nehlsen (1)
Arthur Neve (2)
Ernest Frederic Neve (1)
Mina Nevisa (1)
New Testament (2)
William Newell (1)
Harriet Newell (1)
John Newton (3)
Uong Nguyen (1)
W. P. Nicholson (1)
Rita Nightingale (1)
James Nisbet (1)
John Noble (1)
North Carolina Revival (1)
North Korea (2)
C. K. Ober (1)
Henry Obookiah (1)
Elizabeth Oliver (1)
Viggo Olsen (2)
Bruce Olson (2)
Oowikapun (1)
Graham Roy Orpin (1)


Tass Saada (1)
Corrine and Elmer Sahlberg (1)
Nate Saint (3)
Rachel Saint (1)
Nate Saint (0)
Steve Saint (0)
Alfred Saker (1)
Ruth Hilary Salinger (1)
Salvation Army (2)
Samyong (0)
Frankie San (1)
Art Sanborn (1)
J. Oswald Sanders (1)
Ira Sankey (1)
William G. Schauffler (1)
William J. Schnell (1)
R. Harold A. Schofield (1)
Arlene Schuiteman (1)
John and Janine Schultz (1)
Christian Frederick Schwartz (1)
Albert Schweitzer (2)
C. I. Scofield (1)
Rachel Scott (1)
Ida Scudder (1)
Ruth T. Shaffer (1)
Lord Shaftesbury (1)
Demos Shakarian (1)
William Shaw (1)
Bilquis Sheikh (1)
John L. Sherrill (1)
Elizabeth Sherrill (1)
Joanne Shetler (1)
Henrietta Shuck (1)
Charles Simeon (2)
A. B. Simpson and Christian and Missionary Alliance (2)
Sadhu Sundar Singh (6)
Surprise Sithole (1)
Mary Slessor (5)
F. L. Smelser (0)
John Smith (1)
Wesley E. Smith (1)
Ashley Smith (1)
Irina Sokolova (1)
Henrietta Soltau (1)
Kim Yong Sook (1)
William E. Soothill (0)
Gordon Sorenson (1)
South America (3)
Southeast Asian Missions (1)
C. H. Spurgeon (2)
Matthew Stach (0)
John & Betty Stam (2)
Charles Stanley (1)
Anna Marie Steckley (1)
Russell Stendal (2)
John W. Stevenson (1)
Stan Steward (1)
Robert & Louisa Stewart (1)
James Stewart (1)
Caroline Stickley (1)
Andrew Park Stirrett (1)
F. Olin Stockwell (1)
Bob Stokes (0)
Mary Stone (1)
George & Grace Stott (1)
John Stott (1)
Lee Strobel (1)
C. T. Studd (2)
Stundists (1)
Sudan Interior Mission (1)
Billy Sunday (1)
John Sung (1)
Clara A. Swain (1)
Charles Albert Swan (1)
Taiwan (1)
Louis Talbot (1)
John Van Nest Talmage (1)
Wang Ming Tao (1)
Mel Tari (1)
Hudson Taylor (7)
Howard Taylor (1)
William Taylor (1)
Harry and Miriam Taylor (1)
David Bentley Taylor (1)
Annie R. Taylor (1)
Clyde and Ruth Taylor (1)
Jacques H. Teeuwen (1)
Mother Teresa (1)
Tesfai Tesema (1)
Testimonies (44)
Ko Thah-Byu (1)
Thailand (1)
W. Ian Thomas (1)
John Thomas (1)
Donald A. V. Thomas (1)
Thomas Thompson (0)
David C. Thompson (1)
D. M. Thornton (1)
Ling Ching Ting (1)
Christine Isabel Tinling (2)
Tommie Titcombe (1)
Laszlo Tokes (1)
Silas Told (1)
Ross Tooley (1)
Peter Torjesen (1)
R. A. Torrey (2)
Cameron Townsend (1)
A. W. Tozer (1)
Lillian Trasher (1)
Dawson Trotman (1)
I. Lilias Trotter (3)
Christiana Tsai (1)
Wang Tsong-ih (1)
Charlotte Maria Tucker (1)
Turkey (1)
Edward and Elaine Ulrich (1)
Ulster Revival 1859 (2)
Lillias H. Underwood (1)
Arthur Thomas Upson (1)
Eliezer Urbach (1)
Uldine Utley (1)



Russell W. Abel
David H. Adeney
Mike Adkins
Esther Ahmad
W. Aldridge
Catherine B. Allen
A. P. Moore Anderson
J. S. Anderson
L. A. Anderson
Virginia Anderson
Brother Andrew
Brother Andrew, Al Janssen
Brother Andrew, John and Elizabeth Sherrill
Brother Andrew, Verne Becker
C. F. Andrews
C. W. Andrews
Jean Andrianoff
A. S. Appasamy
Thomas Archer
Yaakov Ariel
Carolyn Armitage
Margaret Armitage
Frederick S. Arnot
Frederick Stanley Arnot
Saint Augustine, E. B. Pusey
Eugene Bach
Eugene Bach, Brother Zhu
Daniel W. Bacon
Ernest Baker
S. L. Baldwin
Susan Ballard
Steven Barabas
Marie Barham
H. P. Barker
Jeff Barker
Lemuel Call Barnes
V. A. Barradale
S. C. Bartlett
Rifqa Bary
G. T. Basden
Moravian Bishop Baudert
Harriet Baynes
David J. Beattie
Robert Bell, D. Bruce Lockerbie
Janet & Geoff Benge
W. H. Bennet
E. H. Bennett
Hendrina Margo Bentley
G. Fred Bergin
Frances Bevan
Asia Bibi, Anne Isabelle Tollet
Helen Bingham
Roland V. Bingham
Rowland V. Bingham
C. M. Birrell
Caroline S. Blackwell
William Garden Blaikie
Charles Blair, John and Elizabeth Sherrill
Hunter B. Blakely
Maud Elizabeth Boaz
Anthony Bollback
Anthony G. Bollback
Charlotte Selina Bompas
William Carpenter Bompas
Andrew A. Bonar, Robert Murray M'Cheyne
Andrew Bonar
Corrie ten Boom
Corrie ten Boom, Jamie Buckingham
Corrie ten Boom, John and Elizabeth Sherrill
Evangeline Booth, Grace Livingston Hill
Winifred Booth
George Borrow
Horace M. Du Bose
Mrs. Mark Botham
Olive M. Botham
Megan Boudreaux
Michael Bourdeaux
F. W. Bourne
Gregory Boyle
Malcolm R. Bradshaw
J. Wesley Bready
George Brealey
W. J. H. Brealey
William Nesbitt Brewster
Jerry Bridges
E. H. Broadbent
Cyril H. Brooks
A. J. Broomhall
Marshall Broomhall
Arthur Judson Brown
John Brown
Myra Brown
Andrew Brunson
James Brydone
Mary Isabella Bryson
Angus Buchan
Jamie Buckingham
A. R. Buckland
Josphine Christiana Bulifant
Geoffrey T. Bull
Alonzo Bunker
John Bunyan
Alan Burgess
Gracia Burnham, Dean Merrill
Islay Burns
Earnest W. Burt
Andrew F. Bush
A. L. Byers
Mildred Cable
Mildred Cable, Francesca French
Carolyn Canfield
William Carey
Amy Carmichael
C. H. Carpenter
Minnie L. Carpenter
William Boyd Carpenter
E. G. Carré
Ben Carson
Roger Carswell
William Carter
William Carus
William Carvosso
Eugene Casalis
W. W. Cassels
James Chalmers
Jacob Chamberlain
David Chamberlin
Frederick Chamier
Marie Chapain
Alister Chapman
Robert C. Chapman
W. D. Chapman
Benarsidas Chaturvedi, Marjorie Skyes
Mahesh Chavda, John Blattner
Stephen Cheung
Leona Choy
Marie L. Christlieb
Mark W. Christy
Calvary Chapel Church
Seton Churchill
Henry Martyn Clark
Robert Clark
Ronald Clements
Lydia Bingham Coan
Titus Coan
H. A. Cody
François Coillard
Dave Coles, Stan Parks
Charles W. Colson
H. C. Conant
William C. Conant
Maryanne Connor
Faith Cook
Leila R. Cooke
David Coomes
Daniel Corrie
John E. Coulson
Don Crawford
Mattie Crawford
Fanny Crosby
Fanny J. Crosby
Jonathan Cross
Eileen Crossman
Nicky Cruz
Dayna Curry, Heather Mercer
Carolyn Curtis
William A. Cutts
Jim Cymbala


Karl Dahlfred
Mary E. Darley
T. Y. Darling
John Bul Dau, Michael S. Sweeney
Cyril J. Davey
Cyril James Davey
Brother David, Dan Wooding, Sara Bruce
Brother David, Lela Gilbert
David, Brenda Babcock
N. J. Davidson
Evan Davies
Hannah Davies
Christina Di Stefano Davis
George T. B. Davis
J Merle Davis
J. D. Davis
Katie Davis
Rebeca Henry Davis
Rebecca Davis
E. C. Dawson
WIlliam Deal
Christopher C. Dean
David J. Deane
Jack Deere
John Dekker, Lois Neely
The London Gospel Tract Depot
George Pakenham Despard
Lois Hoadley Dick
Shirley J. Dickens
John Trew Dickson
Imad Ud Din
Larry Dinkins
Mike Disanza
Mary Dixon
Lyle Dorsett
Lyle W. Dorsett
Homer E. Dowdy
Frederick L. Downing
Tom and Joann Doyle
Tom Doyle
Ferdinand Drebert
Mary Drewery
Edith G. Dreyer
Frank and Marie Drown
Alexander Duff
Mildred Duff
Thomas Durley
Joseph E. Dutton
E. W. Dwight
Eva N. Dye
Helen S. Dyer
Joni Eareckson
A. B. Earle
V. Raymond Edman
E. H. Edwards
Lilian M. Edwards
Myron Eells
Elisabeth Elliot
Elizabeth Elliot
J. J. Ellis
James J. Ellis
James Joseph Ellis
William Ellis
William T. Ellis
E. Schuyler English
E. E. Enock
Marie Ens
Olaudah Equiano
Ed Erny
Gulshan Esther
E. W. Price Evans
Dr. Philip C. Eyster
John Gerardus Fagg
Audrey M Fahrni
E. H. Farrance
Marjorie Breaden Farrell
Naeem Fazal, Kitti Murray
Stefano Fehr, Samuel Naaman
Marilyn Feldhaus
John Ferguson
Clara S. Fielder
Charles Finney
James W. Fish
D. T. Fiske
Archibald Forder
Jim Forest
Arnold Foster
L. S. Foster
John Fox
Mabel Francis, Gerald B. Smith
A. H. Franke
Donald Fraser
Maurice Frater
Bob Fu
Mitsuo Fuchida
Andrew Gunton Fuller
W. Harold Fuller
W. Y. Fullerton


G. B. G.
Arno Clemens Gaebelein
W. H. T. Gairdner
William Kendal Gale
Frank Gamble, Mary Austin
David Garrison
Sy Garte
Nancy Garton
Petr Jasek with Rebecca George
Lewis Grassic Gibbon
Agnes Giberne
William Gibson
James Gilmour
Chaplain Ray Giunta, Lynda Rutledge Stephenson
Frederick C. Glass
Archibald E. Glover
Richard Glover
Jonathan Goforth
Rosalind Goforth
Elizabeth Goldsmith
Martin Goldsmith
Donald M. Goldstein, Carol Aiko DeShazer Dixon
Peter Asael Gonzales, Dan Wooding
Reema Goode
Avis Goodheart
A. J. Gordon
Ernest B. Gordon
Billy Graham
Isabella Graham
James R. Graham, Jr.
Myrna Grant
Melody Green, David Hazard
Paul W. Greeves
Pete Greig, Dave Roberts
Wilfred T. Grenfell
Robert Gribble
William Elliot Griffis
W. A. Grist
Anthony N. Groves
Anthony Norris Groves
Henry Groves
Norman Grubb
Norman P. Grubb
W. Barbrooke Grubb
Geraldine Guinness
H. Grattan Guinness
Harry Guinness
Lucy E. Guinness
M. Geraldine Guinness
Mary Geraldine Guinness
Mrs. H. Grattan Guinness
Mrs. H.Grattan Guinness
Alexander Haldane
Thomas Hale
Clarence Wilbur Hall
James Hall
James Hamilton
Gerald W. Hankins
James Hannington
William Henry Harding
Arthur Sherburne Hardy
John Battersby Harford, Frederick Charles MacDonald
V. G. Harley
Edward Norman Harris
Alexina Harrison
William J. Hart
Hermann Hartfeld
William Haslam
H. L. Hastings
Paul Hattaway, Brother Yun, Peter Xu Yongze, and Enoch Wang
Maria V. G. Havergal
John Hawthorn
Sophie de la Haye
Anne Hazelton
Isaac T Headland
Mertis B. Heimbach
Charles R. Hembree
Josiah Henson
Robert Hicks
Joanie Hileman
Laura Hillenbrand
Sokreaksa S. Himm
Edyth Hinkley, Marie L. Christlieb
John Howard Hinton
Linnet Hinton
Maria Anne Hirschmann
Peter Hitchens
Russell T. Hitt
Brian Hogan
Frank Holmes
Edwin Paxton Hood
Hugh Evan Hopkins
Shirley Horne
Mrs. Robert Hoskins
Willis R. Hotchkiss
F. Houghton
Sylvia Houliston
Randolph L. Howard
Ronald West Howard
Trevor Huddleston
Hugh J. Hughes
Barbara Hulse
R. J. Hunt
Ruth Hunt
J. H. Hunter
C. R. Hurditch
Ruth Presswood Hutchins
J. E. Hutton
Arthur G. Ingleby
A Friend of Iran
H. A. Ironside
Doreen Irvine
William C. Irvine
J. Hixon Irving
James B. Irwin
J. B. Isbell


A. R. MacDuff
D. MacFarlan
Mary Esther Miller MacGregor
Betty Macindoe
Margaret Patterson Mack
Catherine Mackenzie
J. Kennedy Maclean
George Frederick Maclear
R. Maconachie
John Macpherson
Rabi R. Maharaj
Katharine Makower
Kari Torjesen Malcolm
Willy D Marquez
J. B. Marsden
Joshua Marsden
C.R. Marsh
Catherine M. Marsh
Catherine Marshall
Elsie Marshall
John Clark Marshman
Luther Martin, Eugene Bach
Voice of the Martyrs
Francis Mason
Mrs. Mason
Basil Matthews
Thomas Trotter Matthews
David McCasland
Floyd McClung, Jr.
Kate McCord
John McDougall
Daniel McGilvary
Amy McIntosh
Jennifer Su McIntyre
Dick McLellan
E. O. McMahon
Amiee Semple McPherson
Andrew Melrose
Deborah Meroff
Eric Metaxas
Charles D. Michael
David Michell
Oscar Michelsen
Oscar Michelson
Manny Mill
Calvin Miller
Carolyn Paine Miller
W. R. S. Miller
William McElwee Miller
Dora Yarnton Mills
John Milum
China Inland Mission
American Board of Comissioners for Foreign Missions
Charles D. Mitchell
Ayako Miura
J. W. W. Moeran
John Smith Moffat
Kelly Monroe
Marie Monsen
Marie Monson
Arthur Montefiore
Jim Montgomery
Campbell N. Moody
D. L. Moody
William R. Moody
Gary W. Moon
R. Fletcher Moorshead
Lorene Moothart
Charles Morris, Craig Borlase
Louise Morris
Doreen Morrison
Elizabeth Morrison
Philip E. Morrison, Hankuri Tawus Gaya
A. E. M. Anderson Morshead
Malcolm Muggeridge
George Müller
George Müller, A. E. C. Brooks
Mrs. Müller
Andrew Murray
S. W. Murray
William J. Murray
John Brown Myers
Frederick Ndabaramiye, Amy Parker
Watchman Nee
George C. Needham
Lois Neely
Joseph Nettleton
Eugene Neudorf
Ernest F. Neve
Ernest Frederic Neve
Mina Nevisa
Harriet Newell, Leonard Woods
Martha Newell
Randy Newman
John Newton
Uong Nguyen
Rita Nightengale, David Porter
Robert L. Niklaus, John S. Sawin, Samuel J. Stoesz
John Noble
Erika Wiebe Nossokoff
Dan E. Nüesch
C. K. Ober
Viggo Olsen
Bruce Olson
Wallace Ort


Alfred P.Gibbs
E. J. Pace
Constance E. Padwick
Jesse Page
Ian R. K. Paisley
Dorothy Pape
Mungo Park
Rebecca Jane Parker
James Paterson
Frank H. L. Paton
James Paton
John Gibson Paton
M. Whitecross Paton
Willam Paton
Craig Houston Patterson
Robert G. Patteson
William W. Patton
Ernest A. Payne
Mark Guy Pearse
Helen Penfold
Theodore Leighton Pennell
Douglas C. Percy
John M. Perkins
Thomas Thomason Perowne
Fred A. Perry
David and Arlene Peters
James H. Pettee
D. S. Phillips
MIchael R. Phillips
Hy. Pickering
R. D. Pierpoint
Arthur T. Pierson
Delavan L. Pierson
Delaven Leonard Pierson
Blanche A. F. Pigott
Ray Pittman
S. Pollard
J. C. Pollock
John C. Pollock
John Pollock
Harlan Popov
James Porter
Bruce E. Porterfield
H. Potter
Gordon W. Prange
Eugenia Price
Kitty Pride
Samuel Irenaeus Prime
A Convict in Sing Sing Prison
Elizabeth Pritchard
Virginia Prodan
Jackie Pullinger, Andrew Quickie
Nabeel Qureshi
George Scott Railton
T. Bronson Ray
Tom Rea
Henry Musgrave Read
D. E. Reed
Margaret S. E. Reed
Sarah J. Rhea
Clara C. Rice
Timothy Richard
Henry Richards
Don Richardson
Joe Ridholls
Samuel Ridout
H. M. Riggle
R. David Rightmire
Charles Brandon Rimmer
Harry Rimmer
Nik Ripkin, Barry Stricker
Nik Ripkin, Gregg Lewis
George G. Ritchie
John Ritchie
Joseph Chandler Robbins
Florence Roberts
Ron & Gwen Roberts
Thomas A. Robinson
James Robson
William Robson
Miriam Huffman Rockness
H. Eberhard Roell
Lisa M. Rohrick
Zhang Rongliang, Eugene Bach
Keriz Rosado
Darlene Deibler Rose
Helen Roseveare
Charles W. Ross
M. L. Rossvally
Maryam Rostampour, Marziyeh Amirizadeh
J. J. Rouse
Anne Ruck
Percy O. Ruoff
Doris Ruscoe
John Rush, Abbe Anderson
J. C. Ryle, Andrew Atherstone
John Charles Ryle


Tass Saada, Dean Merrill
Corrine Sahlberg
Steve Saint
Emily M. Saker
Ruth Hilary Salinger
Art Sanborn
E. Sanders, Ethelred Judah
J. Oswald Sanders
Ira D. Sankey
John Sargent
William G. Schauffler
William J. Schnell
A. T. Schofield
John and Janine Schultz
Bob Scott
Charles Ernest Scott
Darrell Scott, Beth Nimmo
Echoes Of Service
Ruth T. Shaffer
David T. Shannon, Sr.
S. B. Shaw
Trevor Shaw
William Shaw
Bilquis Sheikh
A. P. Shepherd
Charles W. Shepson
Elizabeth Sherrill
John and Elizabeth Sherrill
John L. Sherrill
J. M. Sherwood
Joanne Shetler, Patricia Purvis
Anna Shipton
A. Rendle Short
Charlie May Simon
Robert Sinker
Surprise Sithole
Betty Lee Skinner
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Smelser
Ashley Smith
Dan Smith
Edwin W. Smith
George Smith
John James Smith
Mrs. J. Hal Smith
Thomas Smith
Wesley E. Smith
Shawn Smucker
American Baptist Publication Society
William E. Soothill
Gordon Sorenson
Robert E. Speer
C. H. Spurgeon, Susannah Spurgeon, W. J. Harrald
Thomas H. Stacy
Charles Stanley
W. T. Stead, G. Campbell Morgan
Anna Marie Steckley
Roger Steer
Russell Stendal
Samuel Stennett
Marie Stephany
J. Sinclair Stevenson
Lilian Stevenson
James Stewart
Caroline Stickley
F. Olin Stockwell
Bob Stokes
Grace Stott
John Stoughton
Lee Strobel
Leonard Strong
Elizabeth G. Stryker
Arabella W. Stuart
W. T. Stunt, G. P. Simmons, A. Pulleng, D. K. Boak, A. Pickering, S. F. Warren
H. B. Dehqani Tafti
Carol Talbot
Mel Tari
W. Arthur Tatchell
W. Elfe Tayler
Annie R. Taylor
David Bentley Taylor
Dr. & Mrs. Howard Taylor
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor
F. Howard Taylor
Geraldine Taylor
Harry and Miriam Taylor
J. Hudson Taylor
James H Taylor
Mary Geraldine Taylor
Mrs. Howard Taylor
T. Morcom Taylor
W. Elfe Taylor
William Taylor
Jacques H. Teeuwen
The New Testament
D. A. V. Thomas
Edward W. Thomas
Joan Thomas
Andrew Thompson
Augustus C. Thompson
David C. Thompson
John F. Thompson
Phyllis Thompson
R. Wardlaw Thompson
George . Thomssen
Kunjumon Thottapilly, Anil Tom P. Thomas
Christine I. Tinling
Christine Isabel Tinling
Laszlo Tokes, David Porter
Silas Told
Stephen Tomkins
Ross Tooley
W. J. Townsend
A. W. Tozer
A. W. Tozer, Thomas Haire
Mrs. Edward Trotter
Charles Gallaudet Trumbull
H. Clay Trumbull
Christiana Tsai
Frederick St. George De Lautour Booth Tucker
Ruth A. Tucker
Edward W. Ulrich, Larry M. Lake
L. H. Underwood
Arthur T. Upson
John Urquhart

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