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We’re publishing books.

The work on the Scripture Testimony Index project has led to the discovery of wonderful books. Many of the choicest public domain or out-of-print books in the database have been re-released as eBooks and paperbacks, many with additional bibliographies or indices.

The proceeds from these books go to support the ongoing testimony project, as well as the Jenta Reads Community Library.

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by Mark Guy Pearse
Originally published by Wesleyan Conference Office in 1875
by Robert Sloan Latimer
Originally published by Pickering & Inglis in 1907
by Marshall Broomhall
Originally published by China Inland Mission in 1929
by Arthur T. Pierson
Originally published by The Baker & Taylor Co. in 1894
by S. B. Shaw
Originally published by J. W. Hazelton in 1893