Daniel Quorm and His Religious Notions (Annotated) (Extraordinary Stories of Ordinary Believers) Kindle Edition

by Mark Guy Pearse

This eBook contains extra features:
• A bibliography for the other books mentioned in the text, linked to public domain works

Daniel Quorm is the biographical novel of a simple, one-eyed shoe-maker, who is possessed with abundant wit, wisdom, and faith. His timeless plain-spoken teachings on life in the Kingdom of God are as relevant and refreshing in the 21st century as they were in the 19th.

Daniel Quorm was a best seller in its time, being published in multiple editions and languages. This eBook was lovingly created from a physical copy of an 1875 American edition, and contains illustrations and extra features including a bibliography of similar books mentioned by the author in his preface.

From the preface, “My old friend Daniel Quorm, of Penwinnin, is a good specimen of one service that Methodism has rendered to this country, a service that of late has come to be more generally acknowledged. In all the Methodist system there perhaps is nothing that has aided her more than her power to develop the gifts of her lowliest members; finding some sphere in which to turn to advantage the various abilities of her people. The thoughtful miner, the prayerful ploughman, the godly labourer, the working men of every class have always been amongst her most successful Leaders and Local-preachers. In hundreds of towns and villages, men of the humblest position are doing the highest work of the Church, in the Sunday-school, in the Pulpit, and in the Society-class.”