Hudson Taylor: The Man Who Believed God (Annotated) (Faith Missions) Kindle Edition

by Marshall Broomhall

This eBook contains extra features:
• The book’s index is linked back into the text
• An extensive bibliography for each person mentioned in the index
• A bibliography for other books mentioned in the text

Hudson Taylor: The Man Who Believed God is the definitive overview of Hudson Taylor and his missionary work, originally published by the China Inland Mission in 1929.

From the preface, “In the years 1911 and 1918, respectively, the two volumes, Hudson Taylor in Early Years, and Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission, were published. Both were written by Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor, and both have had a remarkable circulation. Up to the time of writing nearly 50,000 volumes have been sold, and many are the tokens that these books have brought much blessing to the readers.

But these two volumes together aggregate nearly 1200 closely printed demy octavo pages, and it has been long evident that a shorter Life, in one small volume, was needed. More than one publishing house has contemplated the issue of such a biography, and several of these have kindly relinquished the idea of issuing the same, that the book might be published by the China Inland Mission itself. Grateful acknowledgement of this courtesy is hereby made.”