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Child-Like Faith


Jesus says we must have child-like faith, and He describes our Heavenly Father as a giver of good gifts. In this simple story we see that we can simply trust Him, even for seemingly small things, because He loves us!

Give Away Your Food


One morning I was praying. I asked the Lord, “Lord, what is on your heart today?” This kind of daily seeking of His will was something I wanted to grow in, and it was becoming more regular. On this one morning I asked the question and immediately this idea swept across my mind: give away all of your personal food and trust God to provide every need in the next eight days. And don’t ask anyone for...

How God Wrecked Me


I've heard many stories of people who have had a radical encounter with Christ that drastically changed their lives. Christ saves from the depths of hell to seat us with Him in Heavenly places. Hell, however, looks different to some than others. It seems that the most compelling testimonies tend to be of how God saves from drugs, alcohol, and prostitution. He takes broken lives and restores them;...

We’re Having Steak!


In the big scheme of things, God’s provision that day was a simple thing, it was just some food. Most wouldn’t consider what He did a miracle. It probably wasn’t the first time the Lord provided food for the Harts, and I know it wasn’t the last. But for me it was really profound, a story I recall with great fondness, an event that showed me that God really does love us and care for us, right down...



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