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Pray for these stories to reach a wider audience. It is easy to see how our own faith is increased, and how we are challenged to trust God more through these stories. But imagine someone, perhaps someone who is merely a cultural/political Christian, perhaps someone who lives in a country torn with religious/political violence. Imagine that someone reading these stories, daring to trust Jesus at His word, daring to enter the Kingdom under His rule, who then by faith does not return evil for evil, but overcomes evil with good. This is our prayer.

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Are you aware of an amazing biography or personal narrative that glorifies God with good stories, and is not already in our database? (Click here to view all the books currently in the database to see if your book is already there.)

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Do you have a personal testimony of God’s reality in your life? Or do you know of a personally verifiable story? If you would like to contribute your story to the Testimony section, please let us know through our Contact Form, and we will make the arrangements.

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Sifting through the automated Sentence Similarity search results and identifying stories is a lot of work. But it is incredibly rewarding work! We spend hours in continuous goosebumps as we discover the hidden gems within these books. If you would like to volunteer for this work, this unique and edifying Bible study, please reach out through our Contact Form.

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In the process of story research, we have discovered some truly great old books in the public domain. We are systematically republishing these as eBooks that you can purchase to support the project. Click here to see what eBooks we have so far.

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