Acts 1:8

Acts 1:8 (ASV)

8But ye shall receive power, when the Holy Spirit is come upon you: and ye shall be my witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea and Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

In response to Jesus' command to ‘Go ye into all the world,' Einar Mickelson set out for Shangri-la in 1954. His mission was simple, about 60,000 forgotten souls from a yet primitive Dani tribe needed to be reached with the gospel.
In a quest to obey Jesus's command to take the gospel to the ends of the earth, believers across China were moving in groups with the gospel from place to place; mostly unconnected to each other but united in their quest to obey their Master. God used them to bring people from different ethnicities to the Kingdom.
Fraser is a brilliant young man who wanted to be an Engineer. While reading a book he was convicted by the command of Christ; “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature”. It leads to an instant change in his life and ambitions.
The students at a university in Peking had told one another that Jonathan Goforth witnessed the confessions in other places because he manipulated them as they were uneducated and unsophisticated; they resolved to show him that his hypnotism would not work. As the meeting progressed, the spirit of God fell upon the university students leading them to confess their sins and extending the meeting so much that lectures were suspended. Not just that, one hundred and fifty of those students went on missionary journeys during the holidays!
George Müller committed the latter years of his life to travelling the world with the good news of Christ. From age seventy to eighty-seven, he traveled to forty-two countries covering thousands of miles and reaching an estimated three million people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
In what was an audacious result of faith in God and a literal obedience to the charge by Jesus to take the gospel to the ends of the earth, Hudson Taylor, in company of 21 other believers, set out for China on Saturday, May 26, 1866. "They had no one at home to guarantee them support; they had no one in China to welcome them; they had no home ready to receive them." They had only their faith in Jesus Christ - and it was all they needed!
A young man previously known for his shyness, was now before about a thousand people, giving a powerful sermon on the power of God. He had been empowered by the Holy Spirit.
When in the place of prayer, John Sung becomes conscious of his many sins, he cried to God for forgiveness until he heard a voice saying, "Son, thy sins are forgiven". The result of receiving forgiveness for Sung was great joy, and the empowerment to become a witness for Christ Jesus, just like he desired.
Right from the young age of eleven, Reinhard Bonnke proved for himself that undeed, the Holy Spirit gives power to proclaim the gospel. He confirmed this when a man stepped forward to accept the Lord Jesus after a simple sermon he preached!
Armed with the power that the Holy Ghost alone gives, Maron Raheb goes out joyfully, and patiently, to proclaim the gospel of Jesus to Jews and Palestinians alike; from Jerusalem to the West Bank.
Pastor Pascal, the pioneer church builder of Ilocos Norte, shares about the radical change in His ability to proclaim God's word, and the accompanying results, since His empowering and baptism by the Spirit of God.
Mrs. Han is frustrated by her helplessness and inability to obey to the letter; Jesus' command to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth. But she soon learns that whatever little thing she could do for Jesus out of love; mattered immensely.
Nicky Cruz was the leader of the vicious Mau Mau gang had accepted Jesus and was now empowered by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the gospel on the streets - where he was well known for notoriety.
Jacob Chamberlain led a group of four native Indian preachers on a preaching and scripture distribution tour. They moved from one place to another—traveling as far as four hundred miles from their starting point—happily proclaiming the gospel in five different languages and crowds gathered wherever they went. Nearly thirty years later, they had an unexpected and happy visit...
Mako could barely read, yet having memorized the book of John, he was eager to go share this good news with his people. And he did just this, and was used by God to bring many of his tribesmen to the Lord.
After reading the Bible, Yun is inspired to obey the instructions of Jesus in Acts 1:8 to become a witness to the ends of the earth. Prayerfully, he asked for the Holy Spirit and was empowered to go out and preach the word.
When Nik Ripkin came across Jesus' command to 'go to the Nations', he was joyful that the entire world was open to him for ministry. And so Nik and his wife made their mind to obey the Master.
When Tom Hamlin's evangelism at an Arabian village was cut short because he got stung by a scorpion and needed to get urgent medical care, a young boy who was his interpreter in that village, insisted on carrying on with the work to other villages who were in need of the gospel. And all alone, the 13 year old set out to do the Master's bidding.