Matthew 2:22

Matthew 2:22 (ASV)

22But when he heard that Archelaus was reigning over Judaea in the room of his father Herod, he was afraid to go thither; and being warned of God in a dream, he withdrew into the parts of Galilee,

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After hearing about Jesus for only a few minutes—how He came to seek and save the lost—Ali later had a dream in which he was drowning and was rescued by Jesus.
Marie Monsen had been filled with fear of the possibility of another wave of persecution and killings like the 1900 Boxer Rebellion. Her fear was so great that she prayed to be sent back home from China. But everything changed after a strange dream she had—a dream God used to banish fear from her mind.
Jesus gave Mrs. Uen, a new believer, a dream convincing her to completely purge her home of idols, even though her adult children were opposed to it.
Two men who had nearly killed their widowed aunt were independently visited by the same dream, on the same night, in which Jesus warned them to repent or perish by the sword. This dream corresponded exactly to the prayers of the church inspired by Exodus 22:22-24 which says, "Ye shall not afflict any widow...I will kill you with the sword..."
Priscilla Stewart was leading a reckless life until in a dream, she was shown the end of her life where Jesus asked that she depart from Him. All her attempts at finding peace after that dream failed until she confided in a Christian friend who got her to seek peace with the Lord.
Through a powerful dream, the Lord Jesus helps Marziyeh realize that her stay and sickness in prison was so she could share a little in the great sufferings of her Savior.
Mildred Cable tells CIM missionary, Emily Whitchurch, how Jesus appeared to her in a dream and revealed that His character is more about love than judgement.
Esther had a dream in which she had an encounter with Jesus, He told her “I am the way, the truth, and the life" and saved her from the graveyard!
In a remarkable answer to Nevisa's prayer, the Lord revealed Himself to her in a dream; declaring, "I AM THE WAY AND THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME." When Nevisa awoke from that dream, doubt and fear vanished from her life.
In an amazing turn of events, Mohammed, a secret cop assigned to trail an underground believer in Syria becomes a Christian himself after he kept having dreams about Jesus.
While away in the desert for a military operation, Clarence Williams had many encounters with God and it was while there that he was told in a dream, that a five-fold ministry was going to be birthed through him. And that dream is today a reality.
Dr. Jack Deere met this stranger at a meeting who told him God had given him a message for him via a dream. He went on to state with puzzling accuracy, things about Dr. Deere's life no one else could know, including a personal prayer of Dr. Deere and assuring him of God's intention to answer his prayer.
By being careful to not run ahead of God, but to follow His leading, George Müller was able to purchase the parcel of land upon which his orphan houses stood—for much less than the advertised price—for God had told the seller in a dream to lower the price.
Wang Feng-ao was a proud, overbearing Confucian who despised Christianity so much so that he beat his wife each time she listened to or visited missionaries. But all that changed and a new man was born when God used a dream to reach and soften him. Wang Feng-ao repented and became an invaluable evangelist in the Goforth's team of missionaries.
One day in a dream, Zhang Rongliang who was in prsiosn and enduring much suffering heard a voice tell him, "today, the man who persecuted you will die.” The very next day, Zhang's dream came to pass.
In a dream, God revealed to Mathilda Wrede that she was to work in prison ministry. She was uncertain that the dream really meant that for her, so the next morning He spoke to her audibly while we walked up and down the beach. Mathilda Wrede devoted her life to prison ministry.
Victor Landero had a dream about a specific hut where he was to go and preach the Gospel. He trusted God to help him find it. When he did, he found that God has prepared the ground for the reception of the Gospel by also giving his host a dream about Victor's coming. Many were saved as a result.
Floyd McClung and his team asked for clear direction from God. That night God impressed a certain Scripture—highly relevant to the situation—on Floyd's mind. That same night God gave the same Scripture to another team member as confirmation.
A young Palestinian has an encounter with the Lord in his dream, where he was instructed to get a Bible. After Simon helped him get another he starts to read and had yet another dream that helped answer a question of his. And before long, he became a Christian!
Abeba was just about to fall asleep again when the dream she had just awoken from - wherein her husband was hurt after opening the door to strangers at midnight, started to play out in real time. Taking note of the warning that was the dream, Abeba insisted that her husband neglects the knock on the door, he did and they were all safe.
Four amazing stories showing God reaching out to unrelated unbelievers through dreams and drawing each of them to the gospel and to salvation.
An Iranian student had been struggling for months with the question, "Which is true, the Bible or the Koran?” But just one dream, wherein he saw and conversed with Jesus, was enough to clear his doubts and provide him with direction for the journey of faith.
God came to Esther Chang in a dream and told her to visit a church different from the one she was attending and knowing no such church, she relegated the dream to the back of her mind. But once she found that such a church existed; from the first day she went there, her life changed!
Evangelist John Hambleton spoke to a group of upper class, respectable and religious, people about the need to be born again. One woman was so offended that she left the room. But that night God gave her a dream that revealed her true heart condition.
In a terrific dream one night, John Hambleton who was at the time wallowing in sin, saw visions of his Christian mother in heaven - a blessing he wanted to share in, and also visions of hell where the unrepentant suffered. That dream left an impression that stayed with John even after his conversion.
As the greatest trying times for the Hwochow church persisted with many believers backsliding, Pastor Hsi had a dream, in that dream, he saw a tree cut down to the ground, only to sprout again - and more gallantly than before it was cut. He was encouraged as he believed, and rightly so, that it was sign that the Lord will revive his church.
Nik Ripken shares the remarkable conversion story of five men, who were all prompted to seeking Christ through the strange dreams they each had.
When the Methodist Mission in India planned to send two missionaries to Malaysia, a certain Mr. C. Philips, a Presbyterian elder in far away Singapore Singapore, saw the party of two arriving the wharf in a dream. On their arrival he was there at the wharf to welcome and provide a house for them at no cost for over three weeks.
Lo, an educated and eloquent man, was skeptical of Christians and did not like his wife attending their meetings. But through a dream, God revealed the darkness in Lo's heart, leading to his repentance and salvation.
During a gospel meeting an earnest request was made for a young woman who was dangerously ill with a fever. Dr. Whitehead prayed for her both before and after the preaching and the girl was healed. But remarkably, before she had fully recovered, she had a dream in which Dr. Whitehead—whom she had never met nor seen—was praying for her. Not only was she healed, but for the first time she had the assurance of her own salvation. Later she met Dr. Whitehead and fainted when she recognized the man from her dream!
In answer to his prayer seeking God's direction, Pubu had a vivid dream, and through that dream; he became sure that it was indeed God's will for him to go live and work among the cannibalistic Yali people - and he obeyed.
John Newton, a certain German and John Hardock were all unbelievers heading for perdition until they all had different strange dreams that changed the course of their lives forever.
Archibald Boyle had a reputation for being a wayward person. He was a member of "The Hell Club," a group that gloried in drunkenness, blasphemy, and licentiousness. One night, he had a dream that changed his life forever. In that dream, he was taken through hell. When he woke up, he resolved to live a new life, and he kept his word.
When Surprise and Gafar finally arrived at an unknown village after days wandering in the jungle, they were surprised to meet someone waiting for them as they entered the village, and it turns out, he was expecting them. When they asked how he knew of their coming, his answer was simple, "God showed me in a dream."
God used a dream in which his friend featured, to drive home to William Dawson, the need to choose the narrow path and not the broad way of destruction. That warning gratefully remained with him, such that even before his death, when Batty who was in the dream visited him, he remarked; 'Bless God, friend Batty, we are in the narrow way yet!’