Matthew 5:16

Matthew 5:16 (ASV)

16Even so let your light shine before men; that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

Young Wan was a model Christian; he had a lovable character and was known for his diligence and excellence in school. Since becoming a Christian, he has been used by God to bring many in his immediate and extended family to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus.
As public preaching was banned for years in China, they let the Gospel light shine through their personal life-styles and behaviours while taking advantage of any opportunity to share the gospel one-on-one with others.
Although terrible rumors had been spread about a Christian hospital, they were counteracted by many good testimonies of those who had actually experienced the hospital’s care. This was enough to convince a man to take his sick son there, and eventually these good works led to the transformation of many and to the glory of God.
Abby saw how Christians cared for people, even those outside their immediate families, and so she chose to become a Christian instead of a Buddhist.
Brother Andrew wrote to his friend Thile that he had no interest in God, but that all changed when he noticed the attitude of the nuns. The nuns did their thankless job with joy and cheerfulness that he could not understand. When he asked about it, they told him it was because of the love of Christ.
On May 6, 1771, William Carvosso surrendered his life to his Master, Jesus. His turning point came through the words of Jesus, "Let your light so shine before men..."
Mr. Riggle tells part of the story of his own journey to faith, in which he saw the "beauties and glories of a true Christian religion" displayed in the lives of those around him.
The translator tasked with helping Ambrose communicate with the Russian police opened his heart to Jesus, after hearing Ambrose (who was arrested on the suspicion that he was a spy) share about Jesus, Bible stories and then watching him pray to God.
When Mrs. Liu—who was her daughter’s fiercest persecutor—took ill, the humble love, care and prayer of Mrs. Lee—a Christian woman who frequently visited her—was so great that the woman’s prejudice against Christianity was overcome and she followed her daughter into the church.
Mrs. E. E. Calverly, a medical missionary in Kuweit, Arabia, writes about her work with Arabs and the great impression their love, care and practice of Christianity left in the hearts of their Muslim patients.
Mrs. Liu was converted, helped drug addicts, and loved her daughters-in-law into the Kingdon.