James 5:17

James 5:17 (ASV)

17Elijah was a man of like passions with us, and he prayed fervently that it might not rain; and it rained not on the earth for three years and six months.

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One hundred and forty new believers in the village of Sunaba had expressed the desire to be baptised. But on the set date, the water that was to be used was inadequate. With no other alternative in sight, and the prospect of ridicule from unbelievers looking on, the people decided to ask God for rain on a sunny afternoon, claiming Elijah as their example.
When a drought ravaged parts of England, some farmers agreed with their pastor to pray to God for rain. On the chosen day, a young girl full of faith, arrived with her umbrella in anticipation of the rain that was to come, and she was not disappointed.
Amidst thick clouds and what seemed like an impending storm, William Christie was called to close a meeting as everyone made frantic efforts to prepare for the coming rain. But in his prayer, the brother asked if it pleased God to "close the bottles of heaven" and his prayer did not go unanswered for the miraculous happened while he was still praying.
When storm clouds and rain threatened to disperse a Gospel meeting, the preacher simply prayed: "clouds go away - in Jesus name". The instant disappearance of the clouds and the reappearance of the stars and moon, drew the attention of all present to listen to God's word.
Martin Goldsmith and his wife, Elizabeth prayed for rain after the birth of their new child which happened to be in a dry season. Rain fell, but only within their town!
Martin Goldsmith learns very early in his christian walk; the power of trusting God's word. And basing his confidence on God's written word, Martin asked God at several times to stop the rain so he could ride out to his tutorial and time and again, God honoured His word.