John 15:7

John 15:7 (ASV 1901)

7If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatsoever ye will, and it shall be done unto you.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

Ann's request to God for transport money is miraculously granted to the astonishment of a lady who doubted a previous story by Ann of God's miraculous provision for her while she was sick.
God answered the prayers of George Muller for his orphans. Large groups of them were converted several times, showing signs of true conversion such as concern for the soul of others and a hunger for prayer.
A measles outbreak at the Orphan Houses of George Muller strained the rooms available. The orphanage team prayed that many children will not be ill at one time and that none of them should die. God answered their prayers in full, although 262 children fell ill, none of them died.
George Muller and a woman pray for the salvation of her husband, who was described as "one of the very greatest of sinners." Eventually, he gave his life to Christ.
Not long after James McQuilkin's conversion, he saw and read George Müller's Narrative and was inspired to trust God to answer his prayers like Mr. Muller. And with every answered prayer, McQuilkin was encouraged to trust God for more - and he did - and received even more wondrous answers to his prayers.
Arthur T. Pierson proved by his life, the faithfulness of God in answering the prayers of His children. In answer to prayers; he miraculously found his lost overcoat, had his early morning request on the financial needs of his family met at breakfast the same day, and got in just a day, almost all the funds needed to build a new chapel at Nowgong.
George Müller shared with his friend Dr. Arthur Pierson, his over six decade old relentless prayer for the salvation of two men and his confidence even after all those years, that God will surely answer him. Though Müller died without seeing his prayer answered, Dr. Pierson will pleasantly find out upon visiting Bristol after Müller's demise that this prayer was eventually answered.
At the closing meeting of a convention, the Spirit of God came down so mightily upon the people in answer to the prayers offered by a group of about thirty believers before the meeting begun. Every specific request of theirs was granted when the Holy ghost graced the meeting.
Mr. Harrison needed two missionary volunteers to complete the party of fifteen and about £500 to send them out but had not the means to do either. As the time to send them out drew nearer, the Lord led Mr. Harrison to the verse, ‘If ye abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you’, and he claimed the promise, and in a series of divinely orchestrated events, the Lord provided for both needs.
Ziba's only hope to securing bail from prison was tied to a condition she'll rather not agree to. Feeling helpless, she ran to Maryam and Marziyeh who prayed with her. Days later, in an undoubtedly divine manner, God answered their prayers and Ziba secured bail.
Rosalind Goforth narrates two beautiful examples of answers to prayers in a little village in China - a carpenter shows up in a time of need, and an intercessors request is beautifully granted.
When a scheduled Women's Bible Training Class was cancelled, everyone was notified beforehand except Mrs. Lu who was forgotten. When she showed up for the cancelled meeting, Mrs Goforth was very sad that their carelessness had caused Mrs. Lu to make the strenuous journey. But little did she know that Mrs. Lu's coming was God's amazing solution to the very problem that caused for the meeting to be postponed.
A surgery presented an opportunity to begin to counter the false stories that were been peddled against God's people in Honan. But if it the surgery goes wrong then everything could well be beyond redemption, even the missionaries will lose their lives. So they gathered and prayed to God for a successful surgery and He honoured their request.
Rosalind's prayer to be used by God to bless someone one morning was wonderfully answered when she was led to a random stranger who needed an explanation on the victorious Christian life possible only with the help of the Holy Spirit. The grateful stranger remarked, 'surely God led you to me', as they parted ways.
The very damp and unfavourable conditions at the only room available to Rosalind and Mr. Goforth in Taonan mission home resulted in her contracting a number of illnesses from tonsillitis, lumbago and sciatica and eventually inflammatory rheumatism of the joints. Realizing that only by being in a dry and sunny place can her situation be salvaged, Rosalind took to prayer and just two days later, God answered her.
Rosalind Goforth's three children desperately needed clothes before embarking on the long journey home from Shanghai. Since she knew no one in the city who could help, Mrs. Goforth went to her knees in prayer. While she was still praying, the doorbell rang, and behind it were two women able and willing to make clothes. All provided for except the baby, the family embarked on their ocean journey. Mrs. Goforth asked the Lord to provide for the baby as He had done the others. By special delivery to the ship, from a previously unknown source, God provided exactly what was needed for the baby.
Thoughts about two missionary friends of Rosalind Goforth’s kept coming to her one morning. She felt led to send them gifts and went out of her way to do so. A few days later, she learned that her gift was a timely answer to their prayers.
The Olsen's daughter, Lyne was to undergo a delicate surgery, and as she got wheeled into the operating room, her parents set out to a chapel to pray to God for a successful surgery. Their heartfelt prayers to God was answered when they returned to the hospital.
Exactly ten days after Jacob DeShazer obeyed the instruction of the Holy Spirit to pray for peace, the long war during which himself and other American military men had suffered as prisoners among the Japanese for forty months abruptly came to an end. God had heard the prayer He inspired.
On August 10, 1945, DeShazer was directed by the Holy spirit to pray for peace. He prayed from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm, until the Holy Spirit told him to stop. Unknown to DeShazer, who was then a prisoner of war, the very day he prayed was a significant turning point in WWII.
By simply praying about his needs and safety, Rabi Maharaj enjoyed God's provision and divine protection - once his bus fair was miraculously provided for and, on another occasion, he was saved from what could have meant certain death for him.
Dr. Baedeker's Armenian guide became very agitated after they found their selves in the middle of nowhere, having lost their way with nightfall fast approaching. But Dr. Baedeker simply asked that they pray to God to send help and while they were yet praying, the most unlikely help came for them.
A young man testified to Dr. Baedeker of his miraculous deliverance, when in answer to prayer, God sent two strangers to help him and nurse him to health after he lost his horse in an accident while riding across a steppe that left him with a broken leg.
Grace Jacob's English classes with a group of atheist students was being spied on. But as Grace cried to God for help, He responded in the most remarkable way; blinding the spies but at the same time opening the eyes of the students to the message of salvation.
While in prison, Darlene discovers a knife in her cell that could well mean trouble for her on many fronts. She took to prayers asking that the Lord takes away the knife and spare her further trouble. With the knife in a position that made it unreachable to anyone without her knowing, Darlene was elated to find the knife gone in three; God heard her prayers and worked a miracle.
When it was time to make the church's first monthly mortgage payment, it appeared they would right off the bat; default on payment. But Jim Cymbala, inspired by George Müller's testimony, cried to God for help - and just when Jim had given up, the Lord sent help miraculously.
A woman who has been taught the principle of prayer by George Muller, prays to God and he answers.
"Let us go down into the chart-room and pray", was George Müller's reply when their ship ran into a dense fog and Captain Dutton told him it will be impossible to make it to Quebec at the time he hoped to. After the prayer, Captain Dutton opened the door, and discovered that the fog had lifted; it was totally gone.
Mr. Wright's long-continued prayers for a partner to help with the work after George Müller's demise was answered when the Lord led him to George Frederic Bergin. When Wright spoke to George Frederic, he was delighted to find out that God had gone ahead of him to direct George to respond favorably to his appeal.
The obvious need for befitting biography on George Müller after his demise became a definite subject of prayer for his son-in-law and successor, James Wright who could not immediately take on the project because of other responsibilities. James' prayer was answered when Arthur T. Pierson reached out to inform him that he had been led to write the memoir.
In an attempt to prove the validity of the many claims to answered prayers published by George Müller, an unbelieving businessman decides to test and see for himself if God really was with Mr. Müller. Not only did the result of his test prove that God was with Mr. Müller, but God provided additional proofs.
In a remarkable answer to Mr. Müller's specific prayer, not only was the weather (which was blazing cold and unfriendly) suddenly warm and friendly for the kids when emergency repairs had to be carried out on the boiler of the heating equipment for one of the orphan houses, but the workers working to fix the problem volunteered to work overnight and delivered in about 30 hours.
A ten year old boy is inspired by Mr. Müller's example to pray and trust that God will hear him like He hears George Müller. And through to his word he begins to seek God in faith, and just like Mr. Müller, he was helped by God.
Heidi; Bob Fu's wife, had secured admission for graduate school at the People's University of Beijing and needed $3, 000 to fund her education. But despite praying everyday for weeks about it, and even sharing the financial need to other men, Bob still could not secure the needed funds. Bob was prepared to give up, but just a day before the deadline for payment, God showed up and answered his prayers.
Brother Andrew was passing across the Romanian border on a day when the guard on duty was inspecting the cars meticulously, taking up 45-60 minutes for each car. Before his turn, he prayed to God asking for a miracle, and what happened that day could only be described as a miracle. He was allowed to pass in less than a minute!
Ro knew to pray in every situation but also learned to trust a child's faith, when his daughter prayed and their vacation was salvaged.
Rosalind's prayed that little Gracie's death - if it be God's will that she dies; be peaceful and without struggle. And contrary to the doctor's unsettling prediction of her death coming in convulsions, Rosalind's prayer was answered, while she was still praying!
When Rosalind faced a financial need, she considered it "another opportunity to see what God can do" believing that He was a friend. Right before she finished the prayer, God answered her request, and the need was provided for!
Rosalind Goforth and her kids were trying to flee China in the wake of a Boxer crisis, asides what they had on their bodies; they had no other clothes for the long voyage home. Rosalind took to her knees and cried out to God; twice she prayed, and twice, God answered her prayers most amazingly.
In a beautiful answer to prayer, the Goforths were miraculously provided with a fitting site upon which they built their home - and it was from that God-given home that the book from which this story originated, was written.
Having lost all they had and barely escaped with their lives, the Goforths found a much needed refuge in a community of Muslims as they fled the 1900 Boxer crisis. They were in answer to prayers; eventually received, treated, fed and sheltered by these Muslims.
Troubled with the question of why they were saved while other believers gruesomely lost their lives in the 1900 Boxer uprising, Rosalind Goforth narrows it down to the power of united prayers by the saints on their behalf and to the sovereignty of God in allowing the shedding of the blood of His children as in both cases, His purposes were fulfilled.
Prior to his conversion, Mr. Brunton was a miserable fellow; he lacked the peace of God and was fearful. Mr. Taylor and other believers continued; over several weeks, to cry to God for his salvation. Eventually, God answers them; bringing great joy and peace not only to Mr. Brunton, but to them also.
When unforeseen circumstances prevented a notice appealing for funds from going public, the amount needed was still secured in answer to prayer alone, causing a grateful Hudson Taylor to declare: “Truly, there is a living God, and He is the Hearer and Answerer of prayer."
A very weak Charles Noble was being starved in prison and one night, when the weakness seemed unbearable, Charles cried to the Lord for one or more slice of bread. That same night, the Lord sent Charles help using the most unlikely vessel.
When a young student of Forestry was imprisoned for no just cause and brought to the same cell with John Noble, they prayed together each night for his release and one day he was released - without explanation - becoming one of fifteen prisoners out of 21, 000 to ever be released like that.
Right after Medine Moussounger and the teenagers she was teaching finished praying about her dire need for clothes, the Lord answered them as Medine was soon gifted a nice fabric enough to make some clothes for herself and her son.
Isobel Kuhn prayed with faith to God for a house, God answered her prayer!
Miss Marjorie Harrison had been saving money to go to China for foreign missions but was disappointed when she failed to get medical clearance to go. She took to prayers to have God show her who to give the money and was directed to Miss Isobel Miller who was fit to travel but lacked the funds to do so and was praying too to Go for provision.
In a remarkable answer to Isobel Miller's prayer for winter coats, Dr. Page and his wife emptied their accounts to open an account for Isobel with $100.
Martin Goldsmith and his wife, Elizabeth prayed for rain after the birth of their new child which happened to be in a dry season. Rain fell, but only within their town. They praised God for answering their prayers.
15 year old Martin Goldsmith was constantly being bullied in boarding school. One evening while reading the Bible, he asked the Lord that no one would talk to him or bully him for the next 24 hours. The next day, God did the impossible by honouring Martin's prayer request.
A young girl ignores her reservations and commits by faith; to contributing monthly in support of God's work. She took on the task of praying to God over her commitment and one week later, a 'miraculous improbability' occured.
Mary Slessor had such deep faith in God and prayers that when asked to write her testimony on the subject she wrote; "My life is one long daily, hourly, record of answered prayer...It is the very atmosphere in which I live and breathe and have my being, and it makes life glad and free and a million times worth living. I can give no other testimony..."
Cisco was in prison when Hector's mother visited him asking that he prays for her son Hector who was dying with AIDS at the hospital. And through a telephone from prison, Cisco prayed for Hector's healing, and that same night; an astonishing miracle happened.
A man who has cancer receives healing due to the prayers of his friends, despite his indifference.
Years of uncontrolled indulgence in drinking left Bob a broken man; his wife, having had enough, left with the kids. He was all alone and in the midst of that darkness, he cried out to the Lord for help and found grace to quit drinking.
Ed, his team and Paul; a new convert found themselves stuck when their vehicle got stuck in mud. After hours of fruitless attempts at getting the vehicle out, Paul, the new convert asked that they pray to God for help and when they did, a most amazing miracle happened.
Believers prayed for £100 for a specific purpose, God precisely answers their prayers.
For fear of his Muslim father's reaction, Ben decided to keep the news of his conversion to Christianity secret. And his church organized a round-the-clock prayer chain for Ben's situation at home and in the most amazing manner, God heard their prayer and Ben's fear was dismissed - his father became a Christian too.
When the Holy Spirit told Rees Howells that a dying man would live, he did not communicate it with the certainty of faith. The Lord confronted him that night, and he returned the next day to communicate the message with conviction. It was a severe test of faith for Rees Howells, yet he believed God, and the man was healed.
John Townsend's decision to accept Christ so incensed his parents that they cut him off and had him disinherited. For 25 years, John was estranged from his parents, despite trying to reconcile with them. But when an opportunity presented itself after many years, he grabbed it - sheltered his now homeless parents, reconciled with them, and eventually led them to Christ.
Inspired to walk in faith like Francke, George Müller and Hudson Taylor; Sister Eva led fellow labours at Friedenshort to trust God only for the need of their ministry. And in the most remarkable ways, God, in answer to their prayers, showed up for them time and again.
After Sister Eva obeyed God's Voice to give up her golden ring and silver Bible-clasp at a meeting, many others followed in her stead and sacrificially gave up their jewelries as offering for the cause of the heathen. Sister Eva would later find out that all that played out at that meeting, was the remarkable answer to the fervent prayer of a missionary.
While Esther was in prison, the water pipes were frozen and no one could bathe. One day, at the request of one of her prison converts, Esther led the other prisoners in her cell to hold hands together and pray for water. Without any delay, God honoured their faith.
Despite praying about it, just a few hours to their supposed departure time, the Eyesters had not enough money to make the trip to Oregon where Philip Eyester was to attend seminary. But as they pondered on their situation that night, they received a call that solved their puzzle.
Bonnie had misplaced the $80 she was sent with to get supplies for her family. Being the only money her family had to live on, they were hit by the news. But an unlikely miracle happened after they prayed and went out on the streets to search for the money.
When food ran out at David Wilkerson's Teen Center, he challenged them to pray. Together they asked for their “daily bread.” A young boy interjected a prayer for God to provide food for the whole summer while He was at it. Even before they finished praying, God provided food through a stranger, and they did not lack any food all that summer.
Billy Bray was tempted during the illness of his daughter. Rather than succumb to temptation, he prayed to God for divine healing. His daughter was healed immediately and her testimony made Billy bolder.
There was a need for a stove at an orphan school at Callowhill street and despite repeated prayers, there was no answer. However, just when the answer to this prayer could not be further delayed, the Lord showed up; supplying more than was needed to get the stove.
When a Christian man refuses to contribute towards an idolatrous fund meant to save his house from an impending fire disaster, it made no sense. But as the fires raged on; razing down houses in his community, an incredible miracle occurs in answer to his prayers to Jehovah.
It took many years - decades actually, but Anna Coope's love and prayer for her father's salvation paid off as one day, the old man, who for decades had lived in sin, of his own volition, demanded to be taught "the way to Heaven".
Amy Carmichael had the burden for saving 'Temple Children' in India pressed upon her in the place of prayer, and needing the support of her coworkers who were at the time un-interested in the kids to swing into action, she prayed for God to lay the burden on them and also provide a sign to fully get them on board. And He answered the two requests in the most amazing ways for before long, she was with her co-workers, able to rescue the first temple baby.
When the plot annihilate foreign Christians by the Cantonese in Ningpo in retaliation to the British bombardment of Canton was leaked to the Christians, the got together and began praying for God's protection. While they were yet praying, the Lord answered their prayers remarkably - and their lives were preserved.
The doctor had declared that death was certain given Mr. Meyrick's ill state, but John Wesley and a few others knelt before the Lord to cry on his behalf and even before they were done praying, their prayers got answered. And when he suffered a relapse, Mr. Wesley went back to God again in prayer and Meyrick was healed.
Harlan Popov desperately needed a Bible to aid his ministry with the men in prison. Harlan prayed to God, trusting that the impossible would happen - that he will somehow be provided with a Bible in prison. God answered Harlan's prayer in the most unexpected manner.
Christians all over Bulgaria were united in prayer and fasting that Haralan Popov's visa application to Sweden to see his family and share the needs of the local church be granted. Even when the official responsible for the approval vowed to never give it, the Christians continued to pray and not long after, the Lord stepped in and Popov's visa was granted against all odds.
Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome and his men were surrounded by their enemies in Germany, and for five days, they suffered thirst and hunger. He prayed to his gods to no avail, but an astonishing miracle took place when he beckoned on the Christians in his battalion to pray to their God.
A woman whose supply was exhausted prayed to the Lord, depending solely on Him to provide for her. In answer to her prayer, God impressed on a man who had just returned from a funeral to visit her, which he did and provided the funds needed just at the right time.
A woman who was bedridden for several years was used by God to save hundreds of lives who were in a moving train that was fast approaching a collapsed bridge.
Mr Moody and others who were on the disabled steamer spree, believe that the vessel was saved in answer to prayer.
In a very remarkable answer to prayer, a drunk mob, determined to permanently obstruct a camp meeting of believers was not only quietened but had many that were part of it, led to repentance.
A twelve year old, upon hearing the verse of scripture, "all things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive", began to pray fervently for her father and was answered instantly.
Unable to afford a computer set for their kids who were all in high school, Art and Ellen were in need of a miracle and took to praying to God for a computer for their children. The Lord revealed to their friends - the Nakatsukasa's, their need for a computer and used them to miraculously provide the needed funds.
Art Sanborn and his team determined to be on the offensive spiritually, they prayed every day for their neighborhood believe that God would turn "garbage around us into fertilizer; then He could breathe life into a beautiful garden of precious souls". Over the next few years the neighbourhood was transformed so much that bars closed down, squatters got jobs and the Muslim mosque was closed down.
John's perpetual drunkenness led to his separation from his wife and daughter. After seven years of addiction, John had become a Christian and wanted to reunite with his family, whose whereabouts were unknown. But after Art Sanborn prayed with John, the unlikely happened.