Acts 12:5

Acts 12:5 (ASV 1901)

5Peter therefore was kept in the prison: but prayer was made earnestly of the church unto God for him.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

God answered the prayers of George Muller for his orphans. Large groups of them were converted several times, showing signs of true conversion such as concern for the soul of others and a hunger for prayer.
A measles outbreak at the Orphan Houses of George Muller strained the rooms available. The orphanage team prayed that many children will not be ill at one time and that none of them should die. God answered their prayers in full, although 262 children fell ill, none of them died.
George Muller and a woman pray for the salvation of her husband, who was described as "one of the very greatest of sinners." Eventually, he gave his life to Christ.
Arthur T. Pierson proved by his life, the faithfulness of God in answering the prayers of His children. In answer to prayers; he miraculously found his lost overcoat, had his early morning request on the financial needs of his family met at breakfast the same day, and got in just a day, almost all the funds needed to build a new chapel at Nowgong.
By simply praying about his needs and safety, Rabi Maharaj enjoyed God's provision and divine protection - once his bus fair was miraculously provided for and, on another occasion, he was saved from what could have meant certain death for him.
A woman who has been taught the principle of prayer by George Muller, prays to God and he answers.
"Let us go down into the chart-room and pray", was George Müller's reply when their ship ran into a dense fog and Captain Dutton told him it will be impossible to make it to Quebec at the time he hoped to. After the prayer, Captain Dutton opened the door, and discovered that the fog had lifted; it was totally gone.
Ro knew to pray in every situation but also learned to trust a child's faith, when his daughter prayed and their vacation was salvaged.
Rosalind Goforth and her kids were trying to flee China in the wake of a Boxer crisis, asides what they had on their bodies; they had no other clothes for the long voyage home. Rosalind took to her knees and cried out to God; twice she prayed, and twice, God answered her prayers most amazingly.
Martin Goldsmith and his wife, Elizabeth prayed for rain after the birth of their new child which happened to be in a dry season. Rain fell, but only within their town. They praised God for answering their prayers.
15 year old Martin Goldsmith was constantly being bullied in boarding school. One evening while reading the Bible, he asked the Lord that no one would talk to him or bully him for the next 24 hours. The next day, God did the impossible by honouring Martin's prayer request.
A young girl ignores her reservations and commits by faith; to contributing monthly in support of God's work. She took on the task of praying to God over her commitment and one week later, a 'miraculous improbability' occured.
A man who has cancer receives healing due to the prayers of his friends, despite his indifference.
Years of uncontrolled indulgence in drinking left Bob a broken man; his wife, having had enough, left with the kids. He was all alone and in the midst of that darkness, he cried out to the Lord for help and found grace to quit drinking.
Believers prayed for £100 for a specific purpose, God precisely answers their prayers.
While Esther was in prison, the water pipes were frozen and no one could bathe. One day, at the request of one of her prison converts, Esther led the other prisoners in her cell to hold hands together and pray for water. Without any delay, God honoured their faith.
Billy Bray was tempted during the illness of his daughter. Rather than succumb to temptation, he prayed to God for divine healing. His daughter was healed immediately and her testimony made Billy bolder.
Harlan Popov desperately needed a Bible to aid his ministry with the men in prison. Harlan prayed to God, trusting that the impossible would happen - that he will somehow be provided with a Bible in prison. God answered Harlan's prayer in the most unexpected manner.
Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome and his men were surrounded by their enemies in Germany, and for five days, they suffered thirst and hunger. He prayed to his gods to no avail, but an astonishing miracle took place when he beckoned on the Christians in his battalion to pray to their God.
Unable to afford a computer set for their kids who were all in high school, Art and Ellen were in need of a miracle and took to praying to God for a computer for their children. The Lord revealed to their friends - the Nakatsukasa's, their need for a computer and used them to miraculously provide the needed funds.