Acts 10:3

Acts 10:3 (ASV)

3He saw in a vision openly, as it were about the ninth hour of the day, an angel of God coming in unto him, and saying to him, Cornelius.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

Seventeen-year-old Ho En Cheng was attending an evangelistic meeting when she received a clear vision from the Lord as the congregation rose to pray. In that vision, she received the call from God to go preach in Xinjiang and she obeyed!
After Bibi gave his life to Christ, he was invited by his dying father for final parting words. However, instead of dying, the father was healed and discharged after Bibi prayed for him.
Rosalind Goforth found herself yearning for solitude amidst the constant flow of visitors due to her husband's blindness. Desperate for a solution, she fervently prayed, and one sleepless night, God communicated a clear vision—a blueprint for transforming their existing space into a suitable bedroom. The next morning, she excitedly set out to bring the vision to life.
Young Crispen, with childlike faith, experienced a profound vision during worship, where darkness left his heart, replaced by a brilliant light, and a voice proclaiming, "We are more than conquerors." This timely vision reminded the whole community that, despite their overwhelming struggles at the time, there was strength to be found in God.
Heidi received a vision from the Lord, wherein she was implored to feed hungry children. That vision led to the establishment of Iris Ministries, where thousands of orphaned children find care and nourishment.
Heidi experienced a divine visitation as she poured out her heart to God in tears. The Lord, in a vivid vision, encouraged her to walk in the footsteps of Jesus during His time on earth, so she too can inherit the earth.
Heidi experienced a divine visitation as she poured out her heart to God in tears. The Lord, in a vivid vision, encouraged her to walk in the footsteps of Jesus during His time on earth, so she too can inherit the earth.
Rabi Maharaj's conversion to Christianity from Hinduism came with a lot of trouble for him. He was shamed, disgraced and became the butt of jokes and ridicule in class. Overcome with sorrow one night, Rabi cried to the Lord in his frustration. That very night, Jesus appeared to him in an experience that imbued him with courage and unending assurance.
When a student walked into Dr. Jack's office to submit a late assignment, the Lord took Jack on a trance wherein it was revealed to him that the student was suffering from an addiction to pornography. Back from his trance, Jack mentioned this to the student who confessed and agreed to be prayed for. For ten years after that prayer, Jack still received messages from this student thankfully informing him that "the weight that had lifted hadn’t returned".
Bilquis listened to the voice of the Lord to undergo baptism by water even though she knew she would loose so much.
In a vision, Ned is brought before the judgement seat of God where he's found guilty of sin. So vivid was this vision that Ned finally surrendered his life to the Lord.
Bonnke had a vision that not only was his call to Missions in Africa re-emphasized, but also, the omniscience of God was undoubtedly evident!
Through a vision an elderly lady in church received; that left even his doubtful father dumbfounded, eleven-year-old Reinhard Bonnke's call to missions in Africa was confirmed!
God specifically revealed the details of a prostitute to His servants during a prayer session. After praying for her over a period, she came to the knowledge of Christ surrendering her life to Him.
Charles Finney cried out to God when he was faced with strong opposition to his Revival work at Auburn. And in a vision from the Lord, he found strength and the assurance of victory, to ride the storm that was before him.
Francis Radoc Sambire was a young believer who wanted to be baptized with the Spirit. In a vivid vision one day, she saw the Lord about to exchange her "black heart" for a new one. That same night, she experienced the baptism she so desired.
Mahesh shares the touching story of Drew Hall, a young boy born with a congenital heart defect. Drew's parents had sought Mahesh's prayers, and as he prayed, a divine vision unfolded before him: Jesus dancing joyously with Drew in his arms. Though Drew's earthly journey ended tragically, the vision gave solace to his parents, who revealed that they had shared similar dances with their beloved son, making them certain that Jesus had taken over where they left off.
Mahesh was delivering a sermon to a vast audience in an African country when the Lord granted him a vision, revealing that two men among the attendees were pilfering from the offerings. This divine revelation not only prompted a public confession from the wrongdoers but also vividly demonstrated God's omniscience to the entire crowd.
Claudio Friedzon was greatly discouraged by the lack of results abd growth in his ministry, so much so that he thought of quiting. But one day in a vision from the Lord, Carlos' life and ministry changed forever.
Though completely unschooled, eleven-year-old Efim Gerasemovitch Klubnike received a very vivid and remarkable vision from the Lord—which he sketched and wrote out plainly on paper. It was a forewarning from the Lord for his people and though it took almost fifty years, everything he saw in that vision came to pass.
In a vision, the Lord reveals to Brother Yun what he later understood to be a forewarning of the plot by his captors to torture and then lure him, just so he will cave in.
While in prison, the Lord gave Brother Yun "a vivid dream" wherein he had a Bible. The next very next morning, the unprecedented happened; he was given a Bible by the prison authorities!
Brother Yun had been praying desperately and fasting, for a Bible of his own. One night he received a vision from God and when he awoke, in a very surreal manner, his vision became reality - God answered his prayers.
Corrie ten Boom has a vision, like a waking dream, of her family and friends being taken away somewhere. She was afraid, but her sister Betsie comforted her saying that if God has given her a premonition, it shows He has that too in His hands.
In a vision, Surprise Sithole who was waiting to hear from the Lord, received instructions from the Lord to use what he had (the Word of God). The results of doing as he was told was nothing short of electrifying.