Luke 6:21

Luke 6:21 (ASV)

21Blessed are ye that hunger now: for ye shall be filled. Blessed are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

People, hungering and thirsting for salvation, traveled hundreds of miles by canoe to hear the Gospel and receive Jesus.
When Heidi found Constancia; a four/five year old who was raped and abandoned, she thought of what Jesus would do to the little one and did just that; she brought comfort to the little girl who was weeping and mourning.
Esther Ahmad challenges her former chemistry teacher to pray for spiritual hunger and thirst.
As Hudson Taylor mourned the loss of his dear wife and two sons, as well as the absence of the ones who were living. He writes beautifully about the deep comfort brought to him by the Lord during this difficult time. In Taylor’s words, "No language can express what He has been and is to me... He who once wept at the grave of Lazarus often now weeps in and with me..."
When an opportunity came for Zhang to satisfy his spiritual hunger, he endured much risk and starved himself, just so his hunger for the word could be filled.
Belinda Townsend finds warmth and peace in the Lord as she mourned the loss of her son - Benjamin, who committed suicide.
Nabeel Qureshi is astonished that God would bless someone who was not already righteous, but merely hungered and thirsted for righteousness.
Nabeel Qureshi is astonished that God would bless him at all, let alone for mourning.
Geoffrey Bull, a prisoner of war, mourned the loss of opportunity for the Gospel in Tibet. But God poured comfort and peace into his mourning.