John 10:3-4

John 10:3–4 (ASV)

3To him the porter openeth; and the sheep hear his voice: and he calleth his own sheep by name, and leadeth them out. 4When he hath put forth all his own, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

Mike Adkins felt that God was leading him to quit his job and go into full time ministry and music. Quickly he and his wife ran out of money, which made a bad impression on Mike's unbelieving father. One evening, after speaking and singing in a church, a man said God clearly told him to give Mike a gift of money. Not only did the gift cover his needs, but it led his own father to salvation in Christ.
Aboard a ship with pirates, Marie was able to do without eating the meals of stolen food prepared by her captors, for she had another supply. Prior to boarding the ship, she heard the “still small voice” urging her to stock up and save food for “an emergency.”
Ross Tooley told no one about his needs, but trusted his Heavenly Father to provide. God spoke to a man and told him to provide for Russ' needs.
Arlene Peters, with her husband Dave, was a very content missionary in Bogota, Columbia. But God had told her husband that He was calling them to Brazil. Arlene did not agree...until she heard God's voice clearly.
Guerrilla forces in a Columbian jungle said that they were the "owners of the darkness," and intimidated local Christians to stop evening meetings. But God spoke to one pastor, giving him boldness to reopen his church. Other churches soon followed.
Count Zinzendorf, an 18th-century missionary was on a ship that was caught up in a terrible storm—a storm so vicious that the captain told the passengers that within two hours the ship would be on the bottom of the ocean. But the Count countered saying, in two hours the storm will have passed and everyone will be safe. The Count was right for he had heard from the good shepherd.
While on a walk with her fiancé Jonathan one New Year's Day, Rosalind felt strongly led in her spirit to go southward to a slum district and not northward as initially planned. She insisted despite her husband’s hesitation. On arriving at the slum district, they knocked on a particular door only to find that they were God’s timely answer to the prayer of a dying woman and her husband.
Even while keeping up appearances by preaching and praying, Rosalind Goforth had secretly given in to the sin of unforgiveness. Her refusal to yield to the Inner Voice of God, instructing her to forgive, eventually left her feeling hopeless, alone, and distant from Him. She remained miserable until, at the urging of a friend to whom she had confessed, she wrote a letter of apology. God’s peace and presence returned.
Jacob DeShazer was saved through reading the Bible in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. His faith grew quickly and he learned to hear God's voice.
No matter how hard she tried, a Christian woman could not do away with thoughts of a particular poor couple when she woke up one day. She went to see them and on arriving at their home found that she was their deliverer, God's own answer to their desperate prayers.
Amy Carmichael, during her time as a missionary in Japan in the 1890's, was called to cast a demon out of a man. She felt completely unequal to the task, such that when deliverance came, it was clearly of God and not of man.
Maria, a former committed Nazi, was profoundly affected by the simple idea that as believers, we are friends with Jesus. Then as she prayed, she heard His voice in dramatic confirmation.
Harriet Tubman's Quaker friend, Thomas Garrett, writes about her remarkable ability to hear her Shepherd's voice. God spoke to her on multiple occasions with specific information vital to the safety of, or provision for, the runaway slaves she was helping.
Arthur T. Upson was a missionary to Egypt in the early 1900's. Although he was physically deaf, he was highly attuned to God's voice.
When a clergyman yielded to the leading to go visit a particular part of his country, he was just about to return home thinking he had embarked on a futile journey when the reason he was led to that city became obvious.
The Lord Radstock had a knack for obeying the voice of God however difficult or inconveniencing the instruction and through his obedience, timely succor was brought to a man in need.
Hans Kristian learned that listening to God's voice is really the first and most important commandment. While this idea was really grammatical nuance, he did hear God's voice, which was confirmed by action.
Mabel Francis was a missionary to Japan for more than 50 years, but before that, when she was still a young student in Boston, MA, the Lord told her to start a rescue mission for street girls. She listened to His voice and experienced His direct provision for the work.
While dressing one day, Robert Gribble felt deeply impressed to go preach, that same day, at a village called Chittlehamholt. Obeying this impulse, he set out with the help of one who knew the place and on arriving found a great reception to the message of salvation he brought. With the benefit of hindsight he became sure that it was God who led him there!
While praying one night, Sadhu Sundar Singh felt impressed to go to "someone from the valley below who was needing his immediate help." He left, despite the protestations of his friends, to go help this stranger and it was a few days before he was back. But he only returned after being of help to the one he had been summoned to help!
Two days after his prayers to God for some money, a preacher is met by another Christian from a different part of town, who was impressed by the Lord, at the exact time the preacher prayed in his own house; to meet his need!
God told Billy Bray to pray for the salvation of two different men, by "speaking to his mind." Both of them came to knowledge of Christ and gave their life to Him before they died.
In the late 19th century, Isaac Levinsohn had the opportunity to watch an actual shepherd near Damascus demonstrate how well the sheep know their master's voice.
Members of the Slavic Gospel Association have been blessed to enjoy God's direction as they travel around Eastern Europe to do His bidding. They have been led to the right people at the right time with the right supplies and support.
God told Corrie ten Boom to go to Argentina for meetings, though she did not know any details. When she arrived, no one was there to meet her, nor could she speak the language. Meanwhile God told a Dutch pastor in Argentina to stop by the airport and look for her.