Acts 9:4-7

Acts 9:4–7 (ASV)

4and he fell upon the earth, and heard a voice saying unto him, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me? 5And he said, Who art thou, Lord? And he said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest: 6but rise, and enter into the city, and it shall be told thee what thou must do. 7And the men that journeyed with him stood speechless, hearing the voice, but beholding no man.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

A weary and thirsty Akef Layem had a most amazing experience when he had an out-of-body encounter with the Lord Jesus.
On a day he thought it best to end his own life, Kamal had an encounter with the Lord. And he came out of that encounter, a new man; both in body and in spirit!
Bruce Olson tried to tell a Yuko woman about Jesus. Later Jesus appeared to her in a vision with the result that she and nearly her whole village accepted Jesus.
Jesus tells a man to get a Bible and go meet Him through it.
A voice in Dan'el's head began to ask him where he will spend eternity after death, and that brought him to his knees in search of redemption, which he found in Christ.
Fatima al-Mutairi ignored the inevitable consequence of apostasy and jettisoned Islam for Christianity - a faith she came to accept from online interaction with other Muslims and her devoted study of the Bible online.
Mateen was a Muslim from Afghanistan, on one of his lone hikes to the forest, he divinely encountered Jesus in a vivid vision. That one encounter was but the first of several encounters for him with Jesus, until he committed to following Christ.
Aisha was in Mecca to perform hajj. One night, as she lay in her tent; tired from the day's trip round the Kaaba stone, yet unable to sleep; the Lord Jesus appeared to her in a vision, leaving her completely dumbfounded by the experience.
Jesus is revealing Himself to Muslims in dreams and visions. This is occurring with such frequency that believers are placing advertisements to connect with those God is reaching.
When Hassan, a secret Christian evangelist in Cairo was forcefully led out of his home with a gun to his head one morning, all he could think of was that he had been found out and was about to die. Nothing prepared Hassan for the incredible twist, his supposed kidnap took.
Bilquis Sheikh, a wealthy and politically influential Pakistani woman, had a dream about dining with Jesus. Later, while she read the Bible, she encountered Jesus describing the very scene from her dream. She decided to follow Him no matter the cost.
The old blind Sheikh Ouzani had an encounter with the spirit of God that kept him hungry for more, ready to accept the gospel and teach it to others.
The old blind Sheikh Ouzani had an encounter with the spirit of God that kept him hungry for more, ready to accept the gospel and teach it to others.
Corrie ten Boom shares the story of Sundar Singh who as a young boy, despised the gospel of Jesus and did several terrible things to show his hatred for Jesus. But Sundar's life takes on an unexpected direction when Jesus revealed Himself to him.
Eugene Bach meets a group of Iranian believers while on a speaking tour in Norway. He is astonished to find out that they all came to Christ through a dream.
Eugene Bach finds abundant confirmation of Jesus coming to Iranian unbelievers in their dreams.
Taher persecuted his family for becoming Christians and they finally left for their own safety. In his despair, Taher sought relief in the Koran, but to no avail. Finally he said he would believe in the God who revealed Himself. Then he had the same dream about Jesus three times in a row.
Hossein was in hospital with a fever and was visited by a Christian friend who gave him a small cross to "help him remember who the Healer is." Later Jesus appeared to Hossein in a dream and told him to "arise and eat." Hossein awoke, obeyed, was healed, and then sought to know this Jesus.
Jesus reveals Himself to people in Iran, causing them to believe and follow Him.
Abraham's brother who became a Christian after his brother's death and had just returned from prison because of his new faith was looking after his gravely ill daughter when the Lord Jesus appeared to him. In that encounter, he was assured of his daughter's healing and that happened immediately afterward and so Abraham continued in the faith, winning over his entire family in the process.
Tamana, an Afghan Muslim widow, had two dreams in which Jesus appeared to her and assured her of His love and care, leading her and her oldest children to trust in Jesus in spite of the cultural risk.
Much like the Apostle Paul, Sundar Singh went from being a persecutor to a believer who devoted his life to evangelism, after Jesus appeared to him in a vision.
Bishal a famous Hindu priest who after looking for healing everywhere began to think of the reality of this Jesus, that resulted to an encounter that changed his life forever.
Rashid Abbas had long wanted to kill pastor Farid Assad. But during a crisis in their city, Rashid sought comfort in the Koran. Finding no comfort, he finally turned to the Bible pastor Farid had given him. The Word of God, combined with dreams of Jesus, wrought a saving transformation in Rashid.
Because of his aggravating illness, Hakim, a Muslim boy, was given up on for dead by his doctors. But one morning after an encounter with Jesus, Hakim is given another chance to live. Resolutely, young Hakim committed his life to Jesus- his healer, scorning all warnings and offers by Muslim leaders in his community.
A Muslim fighter, who had killed countless men both personally and in battle, began to have dreams that his hands were covered in blood. No matter what he did, he could not wash the blood off. But one night the dream changed. Jesus appeared and told the fighter that only He could wash the blood off.
A Chinese woman, seeking relief from her sins, is visited by the Lord who told her of someone coming to her house to tell her about the Savior.
A man in India, who had been a fierce opponent of Christianity, fell sick. One night he had a dream in which a man clothed in white told him to call for the Christian schoolmaster to come and pray for him. The schoolmaster prayed, the man was healed, and his entire family believed.
A mother's dying words to her daughter were, “Jessie, find Jesus.” Jessie took it literally and went on the street, asking where she could find Jesus. Her questions frightened her, elicited rude responses, and she had an accident. On her sick bed, she finally found Jesus realizing He could be found anywhere.
Ahmed was a devout Muslim and lecturer, when in 1989 at Mecca, the Lord appeared to him in a vision and said to him "Where you are there is no life.’ This led Achmed on a search for truth and he found Jesus - and stuck with Him; even while he was threatened with the consequence of apostasy.
Ali, who was a popular Somali Muslim, was confronted with the truth of the gospel by David, who also gave him the Injil to study. Soon after he started to read the rather 'disturbing' Injil, Jesus appeared to him in dream; an experience that led Ali to put all his faith in Jesus.
Lilias Trotter describes dreams that a few Muslim women had of Jesus, and how they were led to believe.