Philippians 4:6

Philippians 4:6 (ASV)

6In nothing be anxious; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

While on a journey with “friends,” Shao Wei Chao was deceived and robbed of all his belongings, leaving him stranded in a strange land. In his confusion, he was reminded by the Holy Spirit to pray. He prayed for help, and what happened was clearly God's mighty help.
While convalescing in hospital, and left with only twenty dollars to cover mounting bills, Rosalind at first became worried and afraid. But soon she committed the matter into God's hands and went to sleep. The very next day at breakfast, she learned of a letter that had arrived just as she was going to sleep. This letter contained ample supply for the family's needs.
Dr. Baedeker's guide became very anxious after they found themselves lost in the middle of nowhere, in the winter, with nightfall fast approaching. Dr. Baedeker’s immediate solution was to pray, while his guide would only fret. Finally, they knelt down together to pray, and their rescue came before they had even finished.
An old man with a hearing impairment was on his way to a conference in a strange city and had no good shoes to wear or a place to stay while the conference lasted. But without anxiety, he confidently made his needs known to his Father who in turn supplied every single need.
When Eugene Poole faced a financial need, he told no one except the Lord. God answered his prayers through Dr. Talbot!
In response to a sister's concern about the burden he must carry as it relates to obtaining the needed supplies for the orphanages under his care, George Müller writes about how learning to cast his cares on God has freed him of all anxiety and has given him the confidence that he will never be forsaken.
One night, over 50 Ao Naga students threatened to behead Rochunga after a face-off he had with one of them. But as Rochunga brought his case before the Lord, not only was he able to sleep soundly that very night having obtained God's protection, but his enemies will two days later come to him seeking his forgiveness.
The Chinese people held a deep distrust and resentment toward foreigners, and the missionaries feared for their lives if they could not win them over soon. One of the team was a highly skilled doctor, yet none of the people dared to come to him for medical help. But after the missionaries went to God in prayer, He brought patients in critical condition. God guided the doctor’s hands and the healed patients served as living testimony to the community.
Jonathan and Rosalind Goforth found themselves without lodging when passing through a city. They sent their local contact out to look again while they prayed. In answer, God provided them with a free place to lodge, allowing them to stay in the community and preach the gospel there for three days.
Just after Papa and Mama Jacques finished praying to God to send them someone to help them escape the war in Congo, their was a knock on their door. As they opened the door, the most unlikely person to ever help them was there to do just that.
John G. Paton's mother asked him and his siblings to go to sleep hungry, telling them she had faith that God will answer her prayer and send them food in the morning, which He did.
Mary Slessor was growing anxious over the state of her finances when in answer to prayer, a friend sent her a small but timely financial gift. A grateful Miss Slessor wrote this friend to say, "... your gift is a direct answer to prayer."
That we do away with anxiety but instead through thanksgiving and prayer, make our request known to God was the truth that meant the most to Mr. Stockwell as he served his indeterminate jail time. By doing just this he was able to live a normal and peaceful life in prison, much to the surprise of his fellow prisoners.
Mimosa did not know any Scripture verses, nor had she any Bible teaching, but she knew that she could talk to her loving Heavenly Father, and that He would take care of her. She knew that He had planted the sapling of His love inside her, and that He would water it and make it grow. Yes, He would take care of her. And when she was done with her talk with God, she was filled with an inexplicable peace.
During the beginning of a war, a hard-hearted landlord demanded rent from a family whose father had joined the army and couldn't pay. After the landlord threatened to evict them, the mother began to weep, but her young daughter prayed to God for a little home, and miraculously, their landlord's heart was touched, and they never had to pay rent again.
An invalid girl's pet dog faced the threat of being sold due to an unpaid tax, causing distress to the girl. Despite unanswered prayers, a letter arrived at the last minute with the exact amount needed to save the pet, bringing joy and relief to the girl and her father, allowing the dog to stay with them.
Richard Weaver and his wife were facing hunger and poverty, but when they prayed for help, their class-leader's wife arrived with food and money, bringing them comfort and assurance that God answers prayers. Through the kindness of the class-leader's wife and an anonymous donation, their faith was strengthened, and they continued to trust in God's provision.
In response to a scarcity crisis at a leper asylum in India, the Missionary Pence Association faced financial constraints. Despite having no funds for extra assistance, they fervently prayed for help at their monthly meeting. Miraculously, just eight days later, after a dedicated day of fasting and prayer by the lepers themselves, the association received £100 and could joyfully send a telegram stating, "Admit lepers, help coming." The subsequent public confession of faith and baptisms among the lepers reflected the profound impact of their collective prayer and the timely divine provision.
Catharine Adorna's total dependence on God for all her needs; material or immaterial, was exemplary. Whatever she needed, God was her go-to Person and with confidence, she always would approach Him!
Martin Luther had a habit of complete dependence on God. Prayer was his life and he approached God daily, with both reverence and confidence.
Rather than allow anxiety get the best of him, a needy Pastor took his needs to the Lord and made specific demands of His Lord. And over the course of the following days, he watched with astonishment, as the Lord answered his prayer one day at a time.
A few days to the departure of a party of young missionaries from Marseilles, there was still no money to fund their trip to China. But as this need was made an item of prayer, the Lord who answers prayer heard and intervened; bringing a much needed encouragement to His people as a result.
At the beginning of the war, a landlord demanded rent from a mother who couldn't pay and threatened to evict them. While the money began to despair, her little girl promised to pray for a home and asked God to help them. Her innocent faith moved the heart of the landlord, and they were never asked to pay rent again.
A believer's eldest daughter became severely ill at a young age and was wasting away. Despite medical attention, the child continued deteriorating to the point where the doctor believed there was no hope for her survival. But instead of giving up, the believer turned to prayer and, miraculously, the child recovered within three days!
Corrie Ten Boom was staying in New York City at a YWCA that only allowed rooms to be rented for one week. At the end of the week, the receptionist informed Corrie that her time was up and asked for her forwarding address. Although she knew no one in the city and had nowhere to go, Corrie was not worried since her trust was in God. At the very last minute, the Lord miraculously provided a place to stay, and in such a way that the hotel receptionist could see God's lovingkindness.
While they were still praying about their financial needs one morning, the OMF USA had their prayers answered as a mail came in with a check more than enough to meet their needs.
Kathleen was driving a group of Thai believers on a visit to a sick lady when their van got stuck on a muddy path as it was getting dark along the bandit-infested way. Turning to God in prayers, the sought heaven's intervention and within minutes help from God arrived.