Matthew 18:19

Matthew 18:19 (ASV 1901)

19Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father who is in heaven.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

Jonathan Goforth, his wife and an elder at Lingchang were gathered in prayers for a deacon who was trying hard to keep his sins unconfessed. Latching unto Jesus' promise in Matthew 18:19, they petitioned God for the life of this deacon and the next morning, the Lord honoured His word and answered their prayers.
A woman was led to pray for a friend who was in another country climbing an icy mountain. He was narrowly rescued from a perilous fall at the very time she was led to pray.
Father Nash was a Christian brother who gave his entire life to intercessory prayer for the ministry of Charles Finney. Armed with God's promise to give whatsoever is asked in believing prayer, Father Nash would travail, sometimes for days, until he prevailed.
George Müller's total dependence on God which made offering prayers to God his first and only resort in times of trouble and need is revealed in three wonderful stories where he cried and heaven responded remarkably.
A friend, seven thousand miles away, was prompted to pray for the Goldsmiths and their medical needs.
Jonathan Goforth was known to have had a problem with speaking Chinese, a challenge even he himself confessed will dampen his missionary work making him a failure as a missionary. One day while preaching he experienced an unusual fluency in his preaching, God had performed a miracle. Unknown to him, the help from God came as a result of prayer by some students several miles away who had specifically prayed for Goforth on the same day he was speaking.
Mr. Goforth was on his way from China to Canada via London. While in London he met with an invalid woman who heard about the meetings he was holding in Manchuria and was led to intercede to God on his behalf. Mr. Goforth confirmed that on the particular days she was led to pray for him, he was most effective in faraway Manchuria.
One day, after about a year of struggling almost in vain to learn Chinese, Mr. Goforth found an unusual help and communicated effectively to the locals. Two months later, he learnt that on that very day, students at Knox College in far away America, met specially to pray for him.
Jonathan Goforth had the opportunity to visit a lady in England who was led by God to pray for him at the specific times of various revival meetings in China.
The Lord honours Rosalind Goforth's definite request to have her son's gift used for his country's good but also that he be kept away from the trenches and from actual warfare during the Great War.
"Whatsoever ye shall ask in My Name, I will do it, that the Father may be glorified in the Son." This was the promise upon which Hudson Taylor rested with absolute certainty as the mission trusted God for a hundred new workers and the funds to meet their needs. And he was not put to shame as God did just like He promised in His word.
Fifteen year old Hudson Taylor had picked up a little gospel tract to read in a bid to pass time, at that same time, his mother, several miles away, felt led to pray to God for his conversion. Locking her door, she cried for hours until she could no longer pray but thank God for answering her prayer. And indeed, her timely prayer was answered at that moment!
When a company of Miaki's men attacked a mission house with the intention of killing the missionaries, they prayed and boldly trusted God who delivered them by sending a mighty wind and rain.
John Paton was out working when he suddenly found himself surrounded by a party of armed heathen men. With nowhere to run to, John remembers the words of Jesus: "Whatsoever ye shall ask in My name, I will do it" - consequently, his faith grew and he prayed for his safety; and was saved from the hands of his enemies.
Martin Goldsmith learns very early in his christian walk; the power of trusting God's word. And basing his confidence on God's written word, Martin asked God at several times to stop the rain so he could ride out to his tutorial and time and again, God honoured His word.
Like a child in conversation with her loving father, so was Mary Slessor's prayers to God. When she needed strength or help with anything -- like finding her misplaced reading glasses; God was her go-to Person. And He always answered her!
Charles Finney shares how instrumental prayer was to the revivals that happened at Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties. Believers were taking the promise, "If two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven," and making specific supplications to God and prevailing with Him.
Parents led to pray for their wayward son just as he—unknown to them—is in a gospel meeting. He was saved that night.
John and Isobel Kuhn witnessed a great spiritual victory that came about through prayer at exactly the right time, but from the other side of the world.
When Tesfai and Fitsum went for evangelism, they encountered a group of young people including Sam. Sam had an usual growth on his skin, he challenged the missionaries that if Jesus truly loved him and could heal then he should be healed. Tesfai and Fitsum prayed for Sam, believing in the promise of Jesus that "whenever two or three of His disciples are gathered in His name, He’s right there with them. And if we ask for anything in His name, God will grant it." The next day, Sam testified and showed everyone that he was healed.
A brother whose relationship was severed with his father on account of his becoming a Christian was returning to see his father after a long time. George Müller and the brother cried to God for not just a good reception for this brother but for the salvation of his father too; holding into the promise in Matthew 18:9 and in the fullness of time, both requests were graciously granted.
Willis Hotchkiss tells of being chased by a lion, only to have it give up the chase suddenly and run away. Later Hotchkiss learns of how far away friends were led to pray for him at that very moment.
Edman's attitude was seen by all and highly commended to be like Christ. This attitude was partly due to a near death experience in Ecuador. Believers far away in America were praying for him at the same time.
By fervent prayer to God, Mrs. Van Cott made the two hundred converts she had seen in the spirit at the beginning of the revival she held in Stone Ridge.