Matthew 5:37

Matthew 5:37 (ASV 1901)

37But let your speech be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: and whatsoever is more than these is of the evil one.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

Miss Vaughan and Mr Leng's family agreed to pray everyday for Mr. Leng, a backslidden Evangelist on death row for the crime of Vandalism. After over a year of keeping to their word, the impossible became possible!
An evangelist is convicted of his sins - disrespect for his mother and wife, aloofness for welfare of the souls under his care and theft of his church's finances. He makes the tough decision to publicly confess and make restitution, and he kept his word.
Wang Ee exaggerated his losses and profited unjustly from the indemnity he was given for the properties he lost to the 1900 Boxer unrest. Upon confessing his sins, he promised to use every cent of this ill gotten wealth for good and honoured his word.
Sunejai purposed to simply stand by his word at the retrial of a case against him. He did this and was found guilty for a crime he didn't commit. But while in jail, Sunejai became God's vessel for working miracles in the hearts of criminals!
Ho shares very sensitive information about the Cambodian war to Uong Nguyen, his brother in-law, demanding that it be a secret between them. Uong promised and has till date kept his word.
An imprisoned woman vows to follow Jesus if He rescued her from her captors. She gets freed and keeps her word, becoming a powerful witness for the cross of Jesus.
Tenzin Lahkpa had decided to follow Jesus and abandon Buddha, and tenaciously, he stuck to his newfound convictions even when faced with death.
Martin Goldsmith almost reneged on his promise to speak at a church's mission weekend, when presented with a seemingly better opportunity to speak at a bigger church. But he honoured his promise after he got reminded that Christians must be trustworthy!
Lu-seng's desire to go to Bible School couldn't have come at a worse time for his family and especially Mary, who more than ever before, needed her husband by her side. But Mary had promised to let him go and kept to her word!
Seventeen year old Charlie Coulson vows to not take any anesthetic before surgery could be done on him, choosing to trust fully in the Lord. And he did just that. His remarkable loyalty and prayer while on his sick bed, will nearly ten years after his death, lead his unbelieving physician to Christ.
In 1674, while suffering terribly from a wasting disease and with the freezing of the Chicago river at winter, Jacques Marquette, still determined to fulfill his promise to return to the natives of the Kaskaskia region, finally arrives his destination in the spring. And as a result, two thousand souls heard about Jesus!