Matthew 6:14-15

Matthew 6:14–15 (ASV)

14For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

While visiting a farm, Corrie Ten Boom spoke to the father about forgiving his son using the scripture taught to "forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors". That night, father and son were reconciled!
A Chinese evangelist whose entire family was killed by the Boxers was unable to find peace, nor was he able to pray, until he forgave his enemies; whom he was previously planning to murder. God showed him plainly that if he would not forgive his enemies, God could not forgive him.
An evangelist confessed his bitterness and struggle to avenge the killing of his family. The understanding that Christ forgives us as we forgive us our sins as we forgive those who offend us brought him to the place of prayer.
Yeh was embroiled in a lawsuit with the Chang family. But after attending a meeting where Jonathan Goforth taught on forgiveness, Yeh was convicted to become a Christian and to forgive the Changs. In just 3 months, God used the dramatic change in Yeh to lead every member of the Chang family to new life in Christ.
When Ah Lung told Jackie Pullinger he wanted to become a Christian, she told him he needed to forgive the guards who ill-treated him in prison. He vowed not to but soon changed his mind when he learnt that unless he forgives, he cannot be forgiven too.
Even while keeping up appearances by preaching and praying, Rosalind Goforth had secretly given in to the sin of unforgiveness. Her refusal to yield to the Inner Voice of God, instructing her to forgive, eventually left her feeling hopeless, alone, and distant from Him. She remained miserable until, at the urging of a friend to whom she had confessed, she wrote a letter of apology. God’s peace and presence returned.
Rabi Maharaj and his family became Christians and were astonished at the change and newness of life they all experienced. As Hindus, forgiveness was an alien concept - karma was all they knew. Now as Christians, they were basking in forgiveness.
Heidi was suspicious of Joseph because he had once betrayed her husband. In a remarkable twist of fate, she leads Joseph to faith in Jesus after spending some hours with him.
The families of slain believers in Shinminfu had made a list, vowing to exact revenge for their loss. But as soon as they found grace from God to forgive, that list was "torn to bits and the fragments trampled underfoot".
By exchanging her heavy burden for Christ's light burden, Bilquis found grace to do what she felt was impossible: forgiving Khalid, her ex husband who she resented for the hurt he caused her.
Faced with the choice to hold on to hate and continue to loathe does who by their false witness had him imprisoned, Mr. Stockwell chose the way of life; he chose forgiveness. He knew that to be forgiven he too needed to forgive! Great joy and peace, even behind bars, was his lot as he obeyed his Master.
A young lady in distress of mind could not find peace despite having promise after promise quoted to her from the scripture. It was only when she revealed her bitterness towards another young lady that Mr Moody realized that she needed to forgive to receive salvation. As she and her offender knelt together and forgave each other, joy beamed on their souls, their difficulties vanished and salvation was gladly received.
By forgiving her husband - Taas for his many indiscretions and unfaithfulness, Karen unlocked the transforming power of forgiveness which gave them both another opportunity to rewrite their stories and make their marriage work.
A nominal Christian lived a life that shined out so much that he was called "Lighted Face". His life affected many around him; attracting them to the word of God and leading them to convert to Christ. He soon formed a small band that continued to win others for Christ.
Russell Stendal found precious internal freedom and lasting psychological welfare as he forgave his captors through the power of Christ.
A young lady who had attempted suicide more than once accepts Jesus into her life after hearing Jake preach about how God taught him forgiveness and then replaced his hatred for the Japanese with love.
Corrie ten Boom helps a man overcome bitterness and unforgiveness by sharing her own, similar experience, and how Jesus delivered her.
Tom Hamblin is convicted of his unforgiveness, there and then he forgives. As a result, he experienced an instant special anointing in his preaching and teaching.
Tom and Joann Doyle interviewed the Hadads who had a loveless and tumultuous marriage before giving their lives to Jesus. Since surrendering to Jesus, theirs became one excellent example of the transforming power of forgiveness!