Galatians 6:2

Galatians 6:2 (ASV)

2Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

When a lady he was with was surprised by Mr. Colson's show of love and compassion to a needy woman to whom he gave money, he simply said to her, "I never let my righthand know, what my lefthand doth."
Miss Vaughan writes about the results a great revival among the Chinese Christians with whom she worked. Men and women alike were confessing their sins of covetousness and then giving liberally of their time, experience, and material wealth for the advancement of God's cause.
Arthur T. Pierson delighted in being the answer to the prayers of others, he was happy to be God's messenger in a time of dire need. In times of plenty or few, he gave joyfully, to meet the needs of others.
Arthur T. Pierson gave money he had been saving to a friend who had an immediate need. Pierson discovered that he who gives to the poor, lends to the Lord, who always repays. Later, when he needed the money, the Lord was faithful to meet his needs through other means.
The demise of Samuel Papanekis left Nancy, his wife, and their children; poor and destitute. When a community of Christian Canadian-Indians learnt about her condition, their own poverty not withstanding; they gave generously to make life more comfortable for Nancy and her children.
George Müller devoted his life to giving for the needy and taking care of destitute children. Even at the evening of his life; after giving up so much of his money for the benefit of others, Mr. Müller counted it an honour to be so used by God, and declared joyfully, "I am not the least tired of this way".
Given the challenge of a paucity of funds, Hudson Taylor wrote in December, to a colaborer of his to brace up and take austere measures, like he personally had, and pray to God to send supply for His work. On new year's eve, the Lord, through George Müller, reached them with a cheering and unexpected token.
Robert Gribble sacrificially gives his last halfpenny to a bigger who came to beg for bread one morning. On another occasion he sends provisions to a brother in need. On both occasions, he was blessed to receive more than he had given.
Driven by the compassion of God, John Hambleton led a homeless girl to Christ, took her to his sister's home for shelter and helped reconcile the young girl with her embittered parents.
Lack of funds had prevented Mr. and Mrs. Hsi from taking the gospel to Hwochow, but they continued to pray to God for provision. One night as Mr. Hsi prayed about this very matter, his wife overheard and was led to see that she could be the answer to their prayers. With an obedient and sacrificial heart, Mrs. Hsi, surrendered her choicest garments and jewelry—her only earthly treasures—for the work of God!
Rees Howells was instructed by the Lord to give to a poor man whose rent was due for payment by two years. After initially hesitating, he obeys the Lord and was consequently flooded with so great a joy that he could not contain.
Rees Howells obeyed the Holy Spirit and gave more than he was willing to give to a community of needy people. Driven by the love of God, he became "the first sufferer" for the people; always placing their needs above his.