Acts 4:29-31

Acts 4:29–31 (ASV)

29And now, Lord, look upon their threatenings: and grant unto thy servants to speak thy word with all boldness, 30while thou stretchest forth thy hand to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done through the name of thy holy Servant Jesus. 31And when they had prayed, the place was shaken wherein they were gathered together; and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they spake the word of God with boldness.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

In her quest to find spiritual satisfaction for her soul, Mrs. Tsui sought every means and practice but still could not find what she sought. After many years she was introduced to the teachings of "the Jesus Doctrine," but the virgin birth was a stumbling block for her. After two years of hesitation, she vowed that if a neighbor who was ill became healed, it would prove to her that Christianity was true. The neighbor was healed and Mrs. Tsui surrendered to Christ, and brought many others into the Kingdom.
When the Lord broke a 286-year-old fetish tradition, Watchman Nee and the group of believers who witnessed it learned an important lesson: "Keep close to God and press on humbly with the work He gives you, and He Himself will take care of the consequences."
In obedience to Christ, a woman refused to perform the evil cultural practices of worshiping idols. Her grandchild fell ill soon afterward and her neighbor's interpreted it as a punishment from the gods. They exhorted her to worship the gods. Instead, she prayed to Jesus with faith and her grandchild was healed.
Before finally becoming a Christian, Marziyeh was invited to a Christian meeting where she was miraculously healed just before her appointment with the doctor. This healing experience sowed the seed that would eventually help lead Marziyeh to Jesus Christ.
Poppo was a lowly tenth century Christian who took it upon himself to preach to the leader of the Vikings; King Harald Bluetooth. Trusting God to show himself through signs and wonders to King Bluetooth, Poppo accepted a challenge to hold a red hot iron as he spoke to the King and did so without a having a single burn. Upon seeing this miracle, the King led himself and the rest of his Vikings to become Christians.
Mr. Liu Pao Lin was suffering from Opium addiction while his wife was suffering from an illness that had kept her down for four years. When he saw how Chang Ho Ching had been delivered from opium addiction after accepting Jesus, he began to consider becoming a Christian. That began a chain of events that led to deliverance from opium addiction, the healing of his wife and the establishment of a worship hall in his village.
When a Christian in Rome was summoned before the Governor and ordered to stop the Christian meeting he had started, he declared boldly, "As I have a mouth to speak I shall speak for Christ...for we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard."
Zhang Rongliang, a member of the Chinese Communist Party, was arrested for attending a Christian meeting. Although he was offered freedom if he would deny Christ, he prayed and received the grace and courage to stand for Christ. In the face of inevitable suffering, he experienced the joy that comes from doing the right thing.
John Sung prayed in faith for the healing of a pastor's wife who had a heart attack and was at the point of death but nothing seemed to change. Still, he cried all the more to God and in faith declared that it was done. When he returned later to her home, he found, to the glory of God that she had been healed.
When Martin Goldsmith's request for a miracle from God was amazingly granted, an excited Martin surrendered his life to Christ - for he had seen that God truly is alive and works miracles; even for little folks like himself.
The miraculous healing of Rosa's little son made her abandon the idol-like worship of praying to a statue and as a result she fully embraced Christianity!
For years, August Bonnke was bedridden and writhing in pain, having come down with an unknown ailment. And day and night he cried, with doctors unable to do anything about his condition. But when one day, Louis Graf walked into the Bonnke's household, a miracle; with timeless implications was wrought; August, against all odds, was made well again!
The natives of Arochuku not only defied great odds to become Christians, but even as spiritual infants, they stood up to their persecutors and were willing to die for the cause of Jesus Christ.
After more than an entire year of denying all the signs that Jesus existed and is Lord, Oded came to the end of his rebellion and unbelief, when God healed him of a fever that looked set to weigh him down.
God healed Bassa from diabetes, which became a powerful witness as Bassa preached the Gospel to villages far and wide.
After a man and his family gave up spirit-worship for Christianity, his son was soon possessed mightily by demons. But when James was called upon, he led the young believers in prayer aloud that the Name of Jesus might prevail - and so great was the effect of the boy's deliverance to the faith of these young believers.
The news about Esther’s death was no surprise to many who knew she was sick, but the news of her restoration to life left many dumbfounded. Her grandfather, who prayed against all odds for her restoration to life, was previously mocked for his faith. But with this miracle it was obvious to all that he served a powerful God.
When Japanese soldiers captured Hsi-Lien, they offered to spare his life and his family's if only he'll become their ammunition carrier. But Hsi-Lien was a Christian, so blatantly, he rejected their offer. And for his refusal to aid them, he was tied to a pole outside his home, and was jeered as his wife and three kids were heinously annihilated.
Harlan Popov was given the chance to become an informant for the barracks Chief, betraying his faith in Jesus. If he agreed, he will receive better treatment. He rejected that, chose to stand for truth, and suffered more persecution.
For refusing to deny Jesus Christ, Vincent was flogged and imprisoned in the worst of places where he had to endure a very squalid living condition. But none of these was enough to break his resolve, instead he cheerfully accepted his fate and determined to continue preaching the gospel; even in prison.
In an attempt to mock Vanya and his God, one sergeant told him that “If your God is all-powerful and is alive and can do everything, then let Him get me a leave tomorrow to go home. Then I’ll believe in Him!” All the other soldiers joined in the agreement. To their amazement, the sergeant was granted leave the next day.