Acts 5:19

Acts 5:19 (ASV)

19But an angel of the Lord by night opened the prison doors, and brought them out, and said,

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Just at the time Petr was reading from Psalm 126:1-3 one morning, having spent months in prison for no real crime at all, a guard walked up to him to say, "you're being released from prison today". Petr could not believe it, for the promise in the scripture he was reading at that very moment had come to pass.
God delivered Brother Yun from the Zhengzhou maximum security prison by miraculously healing him and allowing him to simply walk out.
Brother Yun impossibly escapes from prison. The escape was so unlikely that the authorities declined to look for him out of denial, hoping to avoid the disgrace they would face. Even his fellow Christians, who were praying for him, couldn't believe it.
Brother Yun was able to escape from prison through supernatural interventions, similar to those of Peter in Acts 12.