Acts 8:3

Acts 8:3 (ASV 1901)

3But Saul laid waste the church, entering into every house, and dragging men and women committed them to prison.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

Mwanga thoroughly abused his powers as king of Uganda; he committed heinous atrocities against God's people - many were cruelly executed, some had to flee and not a few were imprisoned.
Kim II Sung turned away from the faith of his fathers and led a great purge of Christians in his country. In every conceivable manner, he opposed the gospel and instilled fear in the people.
Colonel Paschkoff was a devoted follower of Jesus, an influential and wealthy man who served as officer of the Imperial Guards of Russia. For his insistence on evangelizing to his friends and family, he was banished by Emperor Alexandar III for the first time from Russia and banished the second time for forever because he would just not stop doing the Master's bidding.
Taher persecuted his family for becoming Christians and they finally left for their own safety. In his despair, Taher sought relief in the Koran, but to no avail. Finally he said he would believe in the God who revealed Himself. Then he had the same dream about Jesus three times in a row.
After an elderly man embraced Christianity, he burnt all his idols and a church started in his home. But soon, persecution, from his very own son began - he accused his father of insanity, denied him food and disrupted the church that had started in their home.
When a ex Jihadist finds Jesus Christ after a series of terrible dreams that reminded him of his evil past, he not only was free from the guilt of his past, but now like Paul, became a fearless worker for the gospel of Christ.
The young Sundar Singh despised the Christian faith so much that he became the ringleader of a group of boys who, united by their hatred for Christianity; committed themselves to publicly destroying Bibles.
Sundar Singh went from being a fierce hater of the Gospel, who led a gang that persecuted Christians and publicly burnt Bibles, to one who boldly declared: "I am a Christian. I can serve no one else but Jesus!" Arising from an encounter with Jesus; a fierce persecutor was now a believer.