Acts 9:42

Acts 9:42 (ASV)

42And it became known throughout all Joppa: and many believed on the Lord.

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The chief official of a village was so opposed to the Christian doctrine that he had made believing or teaching it to be a capital offense. But after witnessing the clear deliverance of a demon-possessed man, the villagers begged to hear the Gospel, and many were converted.
Mrs. Europa attended a meeting where Mrs. Thompson was preaching and praying for the sick. She had been suffering from severe pains in the lungs for sometime. Her mother was also ill. Both of them were healed at the meeting after Mrs. Thompson led them to express faith in Jesus, laid hands on them and commanded the sickness to be cast out in Jesus. That led to a massive acceptance of Jesus within the family.
Mrs. Europa's prayer for a man with a skin disease and his immediate healing led to a series of conversions starting from the man's immediate family, then his extended family and eventually many more in Basalan - his community.