Acts 11:12

Acts 11:12 (ASV 1901)

12And the Spirit bade me go with them, making no distinction. And these six brethren also accompanied me; and we entered into the man’s house:

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

Even while keeping up appearances by preaching and praying, Rosalind Goforth had secretly given in to the sin of unforgiveness. Her refusal to yield to the Inner Voice of God, instructing her to forgive, eventually left her feeling hopeless, alone, and distant from Him. She remained miserable until, at the urging of a friend to whom she had confessed, she wrote a letter of apology. God’s peace and presence returned.
Grace Jacob was doing her laundry when she suddenly felt God's presence and a need to urgently call Maggie. Hurriedly she sped off in obedience. Her call to Maggie at that very moment turned out to be crucial in saving the life of Maggie's son, Jeff.
Jim Cymbala was a young pastor in the very challenging mission field of Brooklyn. Frustrated and discouraged, Jim cried in prayer to God for help and received via the inner voice of God, a resounding assurance and promise.
Uong Nguyen had become a Christian but was still haunted by the past. At a church meeting he attended, the Lord's Spirit revealed with puzzling accuracy, his struggles to the preacher who he had never met before.
Floyd McClung and his team asked for clear direction from God. That night God impressed a certain Scripture—highly relevant to the situation—on Floyd's mind. That same night God gave the same Scripture to another team member as confirmation.
A group of Canadian Christians engage in “asking the Lord” about random people in need of ministry, and the Lord directs them with specific words of knowledge. Armed with this information, they go about ministry to specific people, leading some to Christ.
The Holy Spirit engages Rees Howells, urging him to surrender his life completely, and back and forth, this engagement continued. On the fifth day, Rees finally said yes to Abundant life.
When the Holy Spirit told Rees Howells that a dying man would live, he did not communicate it with the certainty of faith. The Lord confronted him that night, and he returned the next day to communicate the message with conviction. It was a severe test of faith for Rees Howells, yet he believed God, and the man was healed.
God speaks clearly to Michelle about marrying Nabeel Qureshi. And in her own words: "In my obedience to marry Nabeel, which was happily in line with my desires, I found myself becoming beautifully refined..."
Repeatedly, God, in a silent still voice spoke to Sister Eva to give up her golden ring and silver Bible-clasp for the heathen. And when she at last, yielded to His voice, her exemplary sacrifice caused many to in like manner, obey God and give their valuables.
Billy Bray was a slave to the twin vice of drinking and smoking. But he became a free man when he yielded to the prompting to quit by the "small still voice within" him.
While Christiana was in a hurry join her friends, an inner voice spoke to her, telling her to talk with a girl who was studying under a tree. Christiana obeyed and engaged the girl, Lisa, in a conversation about Jesus. Lisa gave her life to Christ right then and there. Within a month, all of Lisa's family followed Christ.