Acts 14:2

Acts 14:2 (ASV)

2But the Jews that were disobedient stirred up the souls of the Gentiles, and made them evil affected against the brethren.

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There was no stopping for the Buddhist priests in their opposition to the gospel work led by Merrell Vories in Shiga Ken. They led a coordinated media campaign that eventually got Merrell ousted from the school, not for his teaching which was found to be satisfactory; but for his faith and his sharing of same.
Raymund Lull was a missionary to the Mohammedans, he made several trips to Tunisia and led many Muslim scholars to Christ as a result. But on his third trip, a mob of angry Muslims stoned him, and the injured Raymund eventually died a year later.
Esther Ahmad and her daughter; Amiyah, met a Muslim woman at a bus station in Malaysia. The woman's admiration for little Amiyah instantly turned to violent hatred when she learned that they were Christians. But Esther was quick to remind her bruised 3 year old to always choose love.
The willingness of the Esthonians to hear the gospel notwithstanding, Dr. Baedeker was faced with strong opposition from Lutheran priests who believed only workers ordained by them should share the gospel. They went out of their way in an attempt to block him, eventually sending the police.
Rev. William Smith was an evangelist in Benares, and on more than one occasion, he was met with bitter opposition by enraged Hindus who considered the Gospel he proclaimed a threat to their own religion.
Despite the relentless persecution from ultra-Orthodox Jews, Yoyakim Figueras, still finds grace to love his enemies and to 'turn the other cheek'. Rather than be angry and hateful, prayers are instead offered for these people, in the hope that they too will see the light of the gospel of Jesus.
Inciteful sermons by Imams and hateful rhetoric against Christians was the weekly norm in the Libyan town of Suq Al Khamis. One Friday, a radicalized mob put words to action when they went round town; torching and attacking, exclusively; Christian-owned businesses.
Because of his commitment to spreading the gospel in his Middle Eastern home country, Butros' family was threatened several times. All Christians were at risk, especially young women. Religious fundamentalism and provocative sermons from zealous imams were common, all with the acquiescence of law enforcement agencies.
Buddhists in Nagoya Japan were all out in their opposition to the Gospel when they employed every means possible to frustrate the acquisition of a building by a church in their city. And until they achieved their evil aim, they did not rest.
When a team of 8 Christians in the city of Malakal set up meetings and book exhibitions, they were attack by a group of radicalized Moslems who accused them of insulting Islam. They were arrested and upon their release, still went on to hold the meetings with many people coming to Christ.
Thomas Walker who was a missionary in Southern India till his death, in a letter to a friend, shares about the rise of zealous Hindus in South India and their fierce objection to the Gospel.
Art Sanborn and his team were in Samerng to evangelize and went about their mission peacefully and were getting results. But soon, a Buddhist zealot, afraid of losing his relevance to these group of believers organized a gang of teenagers to violently oppose the good work of God's people.
Greg Livingstone and his team went to Mangalore, home of the fanatical Arya Samaj Hindu sect to share Gospels. Unsurprisingly, they shared no gospel, yet barely escaped Mangalore with smashed windows and a shattered truck.