Luke 1:71

Luke 1:71 (ASV)

71Salvation from our enemies,

and from the hand of all that hate us;

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

An entire city whose soldiers were fighting bandits in one direction was delivered from an attack by bandits in another direction. When women at a Bible camp gathered and prayed for the Lord's deliverance from their enemies, it was if a wall of fire protected them.
Louisa Vaughan's cook, Shao Wei Chao, fell in with bad company who convinced him to leave her employ and seek a dubious opportunity. Miss Vaughan spent three days praying for her cook's deliverance from this plan. God answered her prayers and the boat carrying Shao Wei Chao was turned back by a terrible storm.
Having successfully arrived Tulan as the first of a party of seven pioneers taking the gospel go Western China, Mecca Chao writes Mark Ma detailing the perils of the over 200-mile journey and the unwavering protection he enjoyed from God!
Three stories are presented that show how God intervened to prevent harm to the underground believers in China: convicting those sent to arrest believers of their own sins, causing a vehicle to break down, and creatively clearing buildings before an earthquake. In all of these circumstances, God's protective hand was undeniably visible to His people.
Due to financial constraints, Esther and her family moved to a house that had a dark history. They all fell ill a few days after arriving, but God displayed His power to them after they prayed.
During a massacre of Armenians in Baku, mobs moved house to house, burning them and their occupants to ashes. Patwakan Tarajantz, Dr. Baedeker’s ministry companion and interpreter, was at home with his wife and ten children. Faced with what seemed like inevitable death, Patwakan turned to God in prayer. Just as the mob reached his home God sent an unexpected deliverer, and the family was spared.
On her way home from a Christian meeting one night, a lady was accosted by two gun-wielding ruffians who intended to rob her. Though she was alone, she had One who she could still call upon. At the mention of His name her assailants fled.
Quaker minister Thomas Chalkley tells an exciting story of his long sea voyage in 1707 through the West Indies and on to England in which he was set upon by pirates several times. But being a pacifist, he would not fight, nor would he be accessory to the death of a person. His weapon was prayer and faith in God, who proved to be the Deliverer in each instance.
Mrs. J. W took her little daughter's advice to pray to God as a raging fire neared their home. And the result of this believing prayer was that not only her house, but the entire street was saved from the disaster!
A.B. Earle discovered anew, the power of God to save from helpless situations when upon declaring that he was a preacher of the gospel, the robbers who had surrounded him let him go without taking a penny from him!
Having renounced Buddhism for Christianity, Tenzin Lahkpa's life was in serious danger as the angry Buddhists wanted his head. He had been beaten and captured and even his innocent mother had her house burnt because of him. But before they could come for him again, the Lord used his unbelieving brother—who was the same person that reported him for being a Christian—to help him escape death.
Stan and his companions, alongside 4 people from Balinga were concluding a fetish destruction ceremony when armed warriors from Yabi came to stop them, instead of retreating, this bold army of believers—armed with nothing but faith—decided to face the Yabi men with the truth of the gospel and though many arrows were shot at them, they were not harmed but marched on courageously to Yabi where they held another fetish destruction ceremony. God delivered them and they were encouraged by his protection!
In the course of her work as a minister to the criminals and condemned members of society, Mathilda Wrede was naturally exposed to a great many dangers. But her quiet faith in God, saw her delivered several times from dangerous situations.
Just after parking his car, it gave a sudden lurch and fell to one side. Bob, who knew what could have happened, if this occured just a few minutes before then, was left thanking God for delivering him.
A minister near Philadelphia informed a woman from his congregation that her husband had perished in a shipwreck on the coast of Ireland. However, the woman, who had been praying for her husband's safety, insisted that he was alive and later it was revealed that he had indeed survived.
I. H. Wilt, clerk of the Baptist Church in Colorado, was attacked by a cinnamon bear while hunting for cows. His attempt to escape by climbing a tree, proved to be fruitless as the bear caught him and tore his boots and flesh. In his extremity, he called to God for help, and was wonderfully delivered!
A poor woman was out to fetch firewood in the mountains when she got suddenly attacked by a tiger. In her moment of trouble, she remembered to cry out to Jesus Christ and was miraculously delivered from death!
An armed robber had perfected plans to murder Samuel May and take away his belongings when Mr. May invited him to ride in his carriage. But by the time they arrived, not only had God delivered his servant from death, but a lasting friendship that will see this criminal turn to his Savior, was birthed.
He came with only two things in mind; to rob his victim and to murder her if she made any attempts to stop him. But his victim was a believer, who knew to run to the Lord in trouble—and this she did—so he left her house without a single property of hers other than the Bible she willingly handed him.
A poor laborer in a deep excavation taking refuge from the weather when he saw a raven pick his work gloves and fly away with it. Naturally, he rose to follow the raven but just as he did, the exact spot where he was seated caved in. And so was his life preserved, by the timely intervention of a raven!
The disturbing noise of rats was God's mighty, however unconventional tool in rescuing a family from a fire incident that could have killed them.
Having abandoned heathenism for Christianity, Guanamoottoo's unbelieving relations gathered to punish him and another Christian for breaking their caste. But as the two Christian men cried to the Lord for help, and for forgiveness of their persecutors. Even before their prayer was over, the Lord delivered them.
The Hattons were trying to flee from the Japanese occupied territory they were at to the Chinese side during the Sino-Japanese war, and twice incidences that initially appeared to be great calamities turned out to be God's way of delivering them from the enemy they were fleeing from.
A young Muslim man accepts Jesus as his Lord and Saviour after reading the gospel according St. Luke as well as the three other gospels, and notwithstanding the mockery and death threats from his own father, he held unto his faith until he was helped by an unbelieving cousin to escape his father's growing fury.
With a gun pointed to his head, a Colombian believer had just one thing to say to his soon-to-be killer, and it was the most powerful words ever spoken: "Jesus Christ loves you." This he repeated and expanded on even as death seemed ever so imminent. In the end, he was not killed, for the though he was before a ruthless killer, the mercy and power of God prevailed!
Surrounded by savages, the mission house had fire set on it by these murderers who still wanted to kill John Paton as he ran out of the mission-house. But before they could carry out their evil plan, a sudden mighty and roaring tornado—from Jehovah Himself—brought an avalanche of rain that not only chased away these savages, but also put out the fire and delivered God's servant.
When the plot annihilate foreign Christians by the Cantonese in Ningpo in retaliation to the British bombardment of Canton was leaked to the Christians, the got together and began praying for God's protection. While they were yet praying, the Lord answered their prayers remarkably - and their lives were preserved.
A missionary's wife was greatly displeased when she was found to be pregnant with a sixth child while yet on the mission field in Africa. But she learned a vital lesson in trusting God when the conditions surrounding the birth of the young child proved to save the lives of her entire family.
On his way to the Mae Hong Son province for evangelism, Mr. Sanborn was accosted by a gang of heavily armed men who dealt in drugs and wanted to rob him. But when he told them he was not alone but with many (angels), his assailants froze in fear allowing him to successfully escape.