Luke 1:71

Luke 1:71 (ASV 1901)

71Salvation from our enemies,

and from the hand of all that hate us;

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Three stories are presented that show how God intervened to prevent harm to the underground believers in China: convicting those sent to arrest believers of their own sins, causing a vehicle to break down, and creatively clearing buildings before an earthquake. In all of these circumstances, God's protective hand was undeniably visible to His people.
Having abandoned heathenism for Christianity, Guanamoottoo's unbelieving relations gathered to punish him and another Christian for breaking their caste. But as the two Christian men cried to the Lord for help, and for forgiveness of their persecutors. Even before their prayer was over, the Lord delivered them.
When the plot annihilate foreign Christians by the Cantonese in Ningpo in retaliation to the British bombardment of Canton was leaked to the Christians, the got together and began praying for God's protection. While they were yet praying, the Lord answered their prayers remarkably - and their lives were preserved.