Acts 24:25

Acts 24:25 (ASV)

25And as he reasoned of righteousness, and self-control, and the judgment to come, Felix was terrified, and answered, Go thy way for this time; and when I have a convenient season, I will call thee unto me.

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Dwight Moody learns the hard way, the urgency with which Jesus' assignment to reach the world with the gospel must be carried out, when he postponed calling people to decide for Christ only for disaster to strike, depriving him of another chance to invite them to the kingdom of God.
When Wilkinson committed—after surrendering to Jesus—to live for this Jesus all the rest of his life, he didn't know that he will have only 45 minutes to do so. For he was dead less than hour after uttering this statement! Thankfully, he had made peace with God!
Mr. Moody shares a story about a man who wanted to become a Christian but was too afraid of what his companions would think. Despite Mr. Moody's efforts to help him, the man kept putting it off until he got sick and was on his deathbed. Sadly, he died without making the most important decision to accept Christ as his Lord and Saviour.
Moody reflects on a past preaching experience where he made a mistake by giving his audience a week to think about what they would do with Jesus. On the night of the sermon, a fire broke out in Chicago and destroyed the building where he preached, scattering the audience. Moody learned that a most vital lesson to never put off the day of salvation.