Acts 13:42

Acts 13:42 (ASV 1901)

42And as they went out, they besought that these words might be spoken to them the next sabbath.

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New missionary Hannah Davies accompanied her coworkers Bertha and Mrs. Chang on a tour sharing “the glad news of Jesus” with Chinese villagers. In each place the good news was eagerly received, and the people begged them to return and tell them more.
Lord Radstock's sister, Elzabeth Waldegrave, shared the Good News with a few sailors at a funeral. They begged her to have a meeting and tell them more, resulting in waves of revival amongst sailors for more than twenty years.
Reverend Weitbrecht shared the Good News to an ever-increasing crowd of nineteenth century Hindus. They were so taken with the love of God as depicted in the story of the Prodigal Son, that they begged him to tell them more.
Through song and speaking, Tommie Titcombe shared the truly good news of God's love and forgiveness in Jesus Christ with a tribe of the Yagba people. They begged him to stay and tell them more.
550 women from around Ping Yang assembled eagerly to learn God's ways through Bible Study. Zealously, they paid their bills with some walking up to five days just to join the class.